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Anyone 18 or older is welcome to enroll part-time (11 credits or less) in classes at LSSU. You do not need to be formally admitted.

You must be formally admitted if you are working toward earning a certificate or degree, or seeking financial aid of any kind (V.A., Michigan Native Tuition Waiver, Pell Grants, Guaranteed Student Loans, BIA, Basic Grants, etc.). Apply for Admissions at

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All Non-U.S. Citizens must apply for admission into a degree program. Apply for Admissions at

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Course Registration

All stated prerequisite or co-requisite requirements for any courses you wish to register for will need to be satisfied. If you have questions about specific course prerequisite requirements, please consult the academic catalog or the instructor of the course. You may reach the instructor by calling the academic department responsible for the course. For further information, see Lake Superior State University's Student Registration Guide "Prerequisites/Co-requisites" information.


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By submitting this registration form, I understand that I am responsible for all costs associated with the class or classes regardless of attendance and will receive a grade at the end of the semester.  If I decide to withdraw, it is my responsibility to formally drop my class or classes. I will follow the Add/Drop/Withdrawal Policy as outlined on Lake Superior State University's Course Registration Information webpage at  If I have questions or concerns regarding the above information or Lake Superior State University's Add/Drop Policy, I will contact the Registrar's Office at 906-635-2682.

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