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Shared Governance


In 2009, Lake Superior State University introduced a Shared Governance process designed to gather input from all members of the campus community and allow for broad participation in the decision making process. It is intended for Shared Governance to embrace the University’s mission. Shared Governance recognizes and supports the guidance of the Board of Trustees, the leadership role of the President and Vice Presidents, and the critical interface of the faculty, administration, staff, and students. Broad institutional representation within this body of shared decision making will allow the University to be nimble and responsive.

The purpose of Shared Governance is to:

1. Create a dynamic, vibrant, and engaged institutional culture

2. Provide a forum for faculty, administration, staff, and students to address shared concerns

3. Provide a mechanism for coordinating policies, and, where appropriate, provide input into decision-making processes

4. Improve the University’s ability to carry out its mission through shared objectives


This site is a work in progress, curated and maintained by the Shared Governance Oversight Committee. If there's a helpful link that we're missing, or if you notice information that needs to be updated, please contact Oversight chair David Drzewiecki,. Thank you for your patience as we work to make this a one-stop shop for LSSU shared governance



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