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Shared Governance

Process for Issue Submission

Part of the charge of the Shared Governance Oversight Committee (SGOC) is to conduct an ongoing review of University issues reflecting/affecting the overall campus. If you have an issue that affects the overall University campus that you would like addressed, please complete and submit the Issue Submission Form . Here is a link to the flowchart describing the path an issue takes through the shared governance process.

After consideration/review by the SGOC, the Issue Submission Form and a Recommendation Form will be sent to the next appropriate level, ie Committee, Provost or University President.

The Committee, Provost or President will forward his/her response back to the SGOC within a timely manner. The SGOC will then communicate this information to the person/committee making the original request.

All issues submitted to the SGOC will be monitored to ensure resolution is completed in a documented, timely fashion.

Topics for review must be submitted using the Issue Submission Form below for consideration by the SGOC.

If you have any questions, or concerns about this process, please feel free to contact any member of the SGOC.

Continue to the Issue Submission Form.

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