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Shared Governance

Task Committees And Their Responsibilities

Meeting Schedule and Contact Persons


Committee meetings are open to the public unless otherwise noted. Guests may be asked to leave if the session is closed due to the confidential nature of the meeting.

If no meeting date is listed, contact the chair or contact person of the committee for information about the next meeting.

Committee Name Meeting dates Chair or Contact Person  
Arts Center   Tom Davis  
Banner Improvement Group (BIG)

Administration 222
2 pm

January 20

Scott Olson  
Banner User’s Group (BUG)

Administration Conference Room
9-10 am

March 19, June 18, September 17, December 3

Luanne Webb  
Board of Trustees   Kaye Batho  
Commencement   Suzette Olson and Jeanne Shibley  
Cultural Affairs And Issues & Intellect   Morrie Walworth  
Curriculum   Morrie Walworth  
Data Standards   Susan Fitzpatrick  
Developmental Education   Donna Fiebelkorn  
Distance Learning   David Finley  
Distinguished Teacher Selection   Kathy Berchem  
Diversity   Kimberly Muller  
Financial Aid   Karen Johnston  
General Education   Derek Wright  
Honors Council   Jason Swedene  
Human Subjects (IRB)   Ron Hutchins Works via e-mail, no minutes
Individualized Studies   Paige Gordier  
Institutionalized Animal Care & Use   John Roese  
Intercollegiate Athletics   Brian Snyder  
International Programs And Offerings (Study Abroad)   Deb Faust and Morrie Walworth  

Marine Room
2-3 pm

January 27, February 17, March 17, April 21

Karen Johnston  
Parking & Traffic   Priscilla Stevens  
President's Cabinet   Kaye Batho  
Provost Council   Morrie Walworth  
Retention   Karen Johnston and Greg Zimmerman  
Sabbatical     Closed session, no minutes
Safety   Priscilla Stevens, Paul Trumbley and Daretha Yeadon  
Scholastic Standards   Paige Gordier Closed session
Shared Governance Assessment   David Myton  
Shared Governance Infrastructure   Barb Evans, Beth Hronek  
Shared Governance Oversight   Jaimee Gerrie  
Shared Governance Planning and Budget   Paul Weber  
Shared Governance Student Affairs   Jody Susi  
Student Government   Student Government  
Sustainability   Greg Zimmerman  
Undergraduate Research   Barbara Keller  
University Policies & Procedures   Barbara Keller  
University Service   Nancy LeGreve  



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