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Strategic Initiative Proposal Form

Thank you for taking the initiative to share your ideas to improve LSSU by submitting a Strategic Initiative via this form. Unlike previous iterations of Strategic Initiatives, what you submit is not constrained to be a one-time cost. However, you do need to complete all required fields in the form below. Please be aware as you complete it that the Strategic Planning & Budget Committee (SPBC) uses the following criteria when reviewing proposals and recommending whether they should be funded:

  1. The proposal must provide clear demonstration of potential to increase enrollment and/or retention, cut long-term costs, and/or create efficiencies to better use current resources.
  2. It is encouraged (but not required) that the proposal help foster a collaborative and committed campus community by crossing more than one discipline OR being beneficial to the general University community.
  3. The proposal must be for something that would not normally be included in the budget process (it must be outside of what we have normally budgeted for in the past five years).
  4. The proposal cannot circumvent any existing approval processes (e.g. there could not be a curricular issue with the proposal, approval for new positions must be obtained, etc.) and any potential unintended consequences should be identified.

If you have any questions as you complete the form, please contact the SPBC chair.

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Contact person for Proposal: *

Email address of contact person: *

Name of Proposal: *

What are the expected outcomes of the project? *

With what Strategic Outcome does the project primarily align? *
(You can select only one. If the project aligns with more than one, please enter other numbers in your description of how the project aligns with the outcomes.)

How does the proposed project align with the selected outcome(s)? *

How will be the proposed project outcomes be measured or assessed? *

What is a brief description of the project? *

What is currently being done related to the project described above? *

What assets/resources are being used to accomplish what is currently being done? *

What resources are needed to accomplish this project/activity (people, budget, technology)? *

What is the anticipated completion date and timeline? *


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