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Shared Governance

Veteran's Affairs Committee

Vetran's Affairs



  • Examine and report the need for a Veteran’s Affairs Committee/Office at LSSU
  • Evaluate and report the number of Veteran’s attending and working at LSSU over the past 10 years
  • Evaluate and report how Veteran’s are being served currently
  • Identify needs and additional services for Veteran’s on campus
  • Identify and Evaluate the need for organized Veteran events on campus
  • Provide a monthly report to the Shared Governance Oversight Committee on the progress of the committee
  • Develop and present a recommendation/report to maintain a Veteran’s Affairs Shared Governance Committee or to show feasibility for the development of a Veteran’s Affairs Office at LSSU
  • If the recommendation is to develop a Veteran’s Affairs Office, the report should include suggestions for the next steps, listing of the major obstacles, and estimates of any resources identified moving forward.


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