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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

  • You may take CLEP exams at LSSU's Testing Services, as well as any recognized testing center. Lake Superior State University offers CLEP exams every month except December. To register, call Testing Services at (906) 635-2452. You may also download and print the Registration Form, complete it and return it and the fees to the  Director of Testing Services. Credit for CLEP is granted as shown here (pdf).

  • You may receive credit toward specific courses that meet general education requirements.

  • CLEP general and subject examination credit may not be used to repeat courses previously taken unless permission is granted from the academic department offering the course.

  • Grades for general examinations are recorded as credit without grade points.

  • Credit my be earned for individual courses by passing CLEP subject examinations

  • Please visit: for additional information on subject exams and to download a Study Guide.

  • A listing of approved CLEP general and subject examinations and acceptable minimum scores is shown on the chart provided here (pdf).