Redefining the Classroom

Course Placement

LSSU’s course placement policies have been established to ensure that incoming students are accurately placed into English and Mathematics courses appropriate for each student’s level of preparation.

One key to success in meeting students’ personal and academic goals is the development of a course schedule that matches their career interests and levels of academic preparation. In order to build students’ class schedules, we use their ACT/SAT or COMPASS test scores to place them in courses which, foremost, are required for their degrees, and which also seem to match their levels of academic preparation as predicted by their test scores.  Occasionally, the ACT/SAT test scores do not reflect a student’s true level of preparation, so LSSU also provides COMPASS testing as outlined below. There is a fee for taking the COMPASS tests.

FTIC (First Time in College) Students

LSSU uses a student’s ACT/SAT scores for initial placement and screening.

  • Students can be placed into preparatory English and mathematics using either the ACT/SAT.
  • Non-traditional age students are not required to have ACT/SAT scores; however, they are required to take the COMPASS exams for English and mathematics, unless they wish to be placed into the basic courses (ENGL091 and/or MATH081). We do not accept GED scores for placement.
  • Any student can challenge his/her ACTSAT placement once by taking the COMPASS exams before the semester begins. If the challenge result is lower than the current placement, the current course placement prevails.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must take the COMPASS tests if they do not have ACT scores or do not transfer in freshmen-level English or mathematics courses/credits. We do not accept GED scores or placement test scores from their transfer institutions.

LSSU Placement Exams

All students are encouraged to evaluate their course placement using the course placement chart. If the student has been admitted without ACT/SAT scores, he/she should set up an appointment for placement tests. Students who feel their ACT/SAT score are not an accurate representation of their abilities are encouraged as well to take the COMPASS tests in English and/or math. 

Students can schedule a time to take the COMPASS exams in English, e-Write and/or mathematics by calling Testing Services at 906 635-2027 (ext. 2027 from on-campus). *Students can prepare for the COMPASS exams by reviewing the COMPASS Sample Tests at the following website: Students can also sign up for our on-line tutorial program, ALEKS, to prepare for testing out of preparatory coursework in English and mathematics.
For more information on ALEKS, contact the ALEKS Coordinator at 906 635-2228 (ext. 2228 from on-campus).

Note: It is university policy that a student cannot take a placement exam for a subject that he/she is currently enrolled in at LSSU (i.e. cannot take a ALEKS or COMPASS test if currently enrolled in MATH 081).

* Students with documented disabilities should contact the ACES Coordinator at 906 635-2355.