Redefining the Classroom

Title III Strengthening Institution Grant

Strategies: Advising Support for Students and Faculty

To enhance advising support for faculty, LSSU intends to provide resources and training materials to enhance academic advising skills in the Faculty Center for Teaching (FCT). This will enable LSSU to maximize space, centralize resources to support faculty development in teaching and advising, and utilize enhanced technology programs to deliver content for advisor development and training. Faculty members who complete a prescribed set of activities will be awarded a certificate of completion that can later be used in application materials for promotion and tenure.

To enhance advising support for students, LSSU intends to implement peer mentoring through the Student Learning Commons (SLC). This program will create a supportive environment to help new students succeed, enhancing their sense of self-efficacy and sense of belonging.

Peer mentors will support advising by answering frequently asked questions, encouraging students to meet often with their advisors, sharing tips on how to prepare for and what to expect in advising appointments, assist with online tutorials for academic planning and encourage the completion of MAP-Works student transition and check up surveys. This additional layer of peer mentor support will help new students develop into self-directed learners, reinforce the importance of advising and help the student develop a sense of belonging to LSSU.

The mentor coordinator in the SLC will oversee the peer mentoring program and work in collaboration with the Advising Retention & Orientation on student outreach and retention initiatives.