Redefining the Classroom

Title III Strengthening Institution Grant

Strategies: Faculty Center for Teaching (FCT)

A FCT will be designed to facilitate the development of Community of Practice (COP); discussions; seminars and workshops; print and electronic resources for teaching enhanced use of classroom technology, including training in a open- source Learning Management System (LMS); conference participation; funding for innovative practices through a mini-grant program; and a physical space dedicated to these activities. At the FCT, faculty will be able to share experiences and knowledge with colleagues with the purpose of improving instruction and advising. A community of practice around Teaching First Year Students and a community of practice around advising will be created. Faculty members will have the opportunity to gain internal certification in Advising and in Enhancing Student Learning. The certification process would include completing a professional development plan, completing a set of training modules, documenting improvements in student learning, and presenting experiences to colleagues in center-sponsored seminars.

The FCT will be directed by two faculty coordinators with input provided by a steering committee of faculty from across campus as well as key academic support and advising staff members. Following the timetable, books, journals, and video resources will be acquired and programs set up. Faculty will participate in a major regional conference on teaching and learning, and mini-grants will be offered to fund innovative techniques.