Redefining the Classroom

Title III Strengthening Institution Grant

Oversight Committee

TitleIIIOversight Committee

The Title III Project Coordinator, Shelley Wooley, will also chair the Title III Oversight Committee.

The Title III Oversight Committee will include:

  • Karen Johnston, Title III Activity Director
  • William Eilola, Vice President for Enrollment Services
  • Dave Myton, Associate Provost
  • Mark Terwilliger, Faculty Center Co-Coordinator
  • Gregory Zimmerman, Faculty Center Co-Coordinator
  • Geralyn Narkiewicz, Director of Learning Center
  • Sandy Hope, ESP Representative
  • Krystle Gerzetich, Administrative Support Coordinator
  • Gail Essmaker, Instructional Technologist
  • Doug Jones, Student

The Title III Steering Committee will meet monthly and will provide a line of communication between all constituent groups and the project.  This committee will further ensure the progress of the project and its integration into the functions of the university.  The data collection and analysis for grant reporting will provide data about how the project is meeting its goals and objectives.  The reports will be presented to the entire project team and across the campus community.  The involvement of LSSU administrators, faculty, and staff will help ensure the institutionalization of the project as the grant concludes.