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Pam Williamson Award

This award, established by the alumni of LSSU's Upward Bound program, is named for Pam Williamson who worked for the program in various capacities from its inception at LSSU in 1966 until she retired in 1996. The daughter of Hugo and Jane Williamson (Jane was also a gifted educator in the Sault area), Pam was born, raised, and returned to Sault Ste. Marie early in her career, to work with the Upward Bound program.

In every position she held at Upward Bound, students and staff fondly remember Pam and her gentle encouragement. She left a lasting impression on everyone by encouraging all of us to constantly strive to improve ourselves, academically and personally. It was Pam who created and nurtured the atmosphere of unconditional positive regard that continues to this day at LSSU's Upward Bound program. Another of Pam's legacies is the program's focus on instilling in our students a sense that doing well for oneself is not enough; we all must be ready to give back to our families and communities and try to make this world a better place.

At the LSSU Upward Bound Reunion held in June of 2004, attendees agreed that the best way to thank Pam for all she has given to each of us, would be to create an award that would help Upward Bound students achieve their dreams of college.

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