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Undergraduate Research Student Grants

The LSSU Foundation is pleased to announce an undergraduate research program that provides the opportunity for students, working with faculty mentors, to apply for grants in support of student research, or scholarly or creative activities. Grants will be awarded for up to $500.  Applications must be submitted for consideration by February 15 for Spring Semester applicants. 

Students are to work in association with a faculty mentor in preparation of the proposal and completion of the project. Upon completion of the project, students will provide a summary of their research to the Undergraduate Research Committee (URC). Grant recipients will notify the URC of any public or graded presentation regarding their research project. This grant is being funded through private donation. Recipients will be required to write a thank you letter acknowledging their funding support.  

The Faculty Letter of Support for a Student Grant Application

Support Letter Information:

Student First Name: Student Last Name:
Faculty First Name: Faculty Last Name:

Please rate the following:

Please provide additional comments that would help the committee members make a funding decision on the student’s proposal:



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