Major: Environmental Chemistry

Grade: Senior

ProjectTitle: A Pilot Study to Determine an Effective Technology to Remove Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol for the City of Fairmont


The City of Fairmont (Minnesota) uses Budd Lake as its surface water for drinking water. Residents of Fairmont often complain of taste and odor problems with their drinking water during the summer season. The two common taste and odor compounds are Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol (MIB), which are associated with cyanobacteria blooms. During the planning process for building a new water treatment plant, the committee identified reducing/eliminating the taste and odor compounds as a primary goal. Three different treatment methods were chosen to evaluate for effectiveness. My project involved analyzing the effectiveness of these methods. I accomplished this by using Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) coupled with Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). Whenever there was a taste and odor event in Budd Lake initial samples were taken, along with samples after treatment occurred. These samples were mailed to LSSU's Environmental Analysis Laboratory where I analyzed them for geosmin and MIB concentrations. This work was completed by November 2009. 
I am requesting funding to present my research at a student poster session during the 2011 Borchardt Conference for Advancements in Water and Wastewater. This conference will allow me to interact with professionals in my field of interest, as well as meet with potential graduate school advisors. 


February 3: Have sections for poster written
February 12: Have first draft of poster done and ready to review
February 19: Have final poster done and ready to be printed
February 23/24: Presentation at University of Michigan for the 2011 Borchardt Conference
February 25: Have first draft of PowerPoint presentation ready
March 12: Have Senior Thesis Draft Written
March 18: Have 2nd draft of Senior Thesis complete
April 1: Have final PowerPoint complete
April 15: Poster presentations
April 16: Final presenation


A. Completed
B. $35 for poster
C. N/A
D. $200 for one night in a hotel; $105 for mileage
E. N/A


B. My poster will be printed by LSSU's GIS lab at a cost of $35/poster. I will be able t use this poster at both the conference and for my senior thesis. 
D. After researching hotels that are within walking distance to the conference center, I have found that the approximate price is $200/night. Also, using University Policy of $.35/mile reimbursement for a private vehicle and a 300 mile trip, I am requesting $105.

OtherFunding: All other expenses have been paid as my research portion of the project has been completed.

TotalCost: $340

Facilities: LSSU has allowed me to use their laboratory space, as well as providing access to the GC-MS and SPME equipment. The University is also allowing me to use their poster printing capabilities.

Animals: AnimalsNo

Humans: HumansNo

FacultyMentor: Dr. Judy Westrick


DepartmentChair: Dr. David Myton


Dean: Dr. Barbara Keller


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