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First-Dogs Duke and Earl were most appreciative when President Tom Pleger and his wife, Teresa, hosted the Lake State freshmen class in their home for a barbecue. Full Article >>

Admission office's annual open house attracted almost 100 prospects from all over the region for program overviews, campus tours, home athletic events, and an outdoor barbeque set to a perfect Upper Peninsula fall day. Full Article >>

The public is welcome to a reading from 7-9 p.m. in the Walker Cisler Center’s Crow’s Nest as well as a master class at 2 p.m. the same day in room 305 of Crawford Hall of Science. Full Article >>

The Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians is working with the class to survey an old landfill site last used in the 1950s to see if it can accommodate expansion of an existing RV park adjacent to Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Full Article >>

Professor Gary Johnson displayed perfect aplomb as the LSSU Dance Company unleashed a surprise dance during Lake State's annual Fall Fling for prospective students on Sept. 27. Johnson was on hand to meet potential political science students and their families. Full Article >>

Eight years in the making, the partnership between LSSU, Sault College and Algoma Public Health will help fill a need for public health inspectors in the north. Full Article >>

A delegation from Shaoxing University and Yuanpei College met with Lake Superior State University officials to discuss expanding student and faculty exchanges. Full Article >>

In establishing the North American tuition initiative, the Lake Superior State University Board of Trustees answers calls from Michigan business and government leaders to help rebuild the state's economy. Full Article >>

Award seeks to recognize fiction authors who have portrayed the essence of life in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Full Article >>

Faculty, students, and staff got to test-drive Google glasses, one of more than a dozen transformational teaching technologies explored during workshops offered through the newly-launched Faculty Center for Teaching. Full Article >>

National Geographic Adventurers of the Year Dave and Amy Freeman speak about their ongoing three-year expedition during a talk at Lake Superior State University's new Regional Outdoor Center. They plan to deliver a signed canoe to Washington DC as a petition against types of mining that threaten the Great Lakes watershed. Full Article >>

Former LSSU President Tony McLain, who served from 2009-2014, was granted emeritus status at the LSSU Board of Trustees meeting on Sept. 19. Full Article >>

Over the coming year, Prof. Steve Johnson and his colleagues will visit EUP schools, from Sault Ste. Marie in the north, to St. Ignace in the south, to as far west as Engadine, to impart the joy and utility of chemistry. Full Article >>

Student members play improvisational comedy as a sport, taking turns making up scenes, playing games and singing songs . . . all while a referee keeps things moving, calls the fouls, and takes improv suggestions shouted out by the audience before each round.NEW! Save $1 on admission via Facebook or Twitter . . . see story for details! Full Article >>

Participants can get a taste for Laker life by talking to students and professors, plus have their admission application fee waived. Full Article >>

Lake Superior State University and Escanaba's Bay College are celebrating a 25-year partnership that has allowed southwestern Upper Peninsula students complete a university degree close to home. Since 1989, 642 students have graduated from LSSU through its Escanaba Regional Center. Full Article >>

Regional high school students and their parents are invited to attend the annual E.U.P. College Night on the LSSU campus, when 40 colleges and universities, and the Armed Forces, will be on hand to talk to prospective students. Thursday night, Sept. 18 Full Article >>

Muir graduated from LSSU’s pre-med program and has owned her power skating instruction firm for more than 20 years. More than 50 of her students currently play in the National Hockey League, with an equal number playing in the minor leagues. Full Article >>

Members of Price's Communication in Leadership class bettered her $1,500 pledge-challenge for an annual Alzheimer's Association Walk by $659.97, for which she agreed to get pied outside LSSU's Quarterdeck dining area at high noon. Full Article >>

Prof. Price is in the crosshairs for some crème pies after her class raised more than $1,500 in the annual Alzheimer's Association Walk. She will take the pies at high noon, Thursday, Sept. 11, in the hallway outside of LSSU's Quarterdeck dining area, located in the Cisler Center! Full Article >>

Lake Superior State University criminal justice professor Herb Henderson is proposing that a city-owned building become a dedicated training facility under the auspices of Lake State. Full Article >>

The bruin joins about a hundred other mounts that include fauna from all over the globe. The museum is named for biology professor emeritus Gilbert Gleason, whose father provided animals collected from all over Africa in the middle of the last century. Full Article >>

Lake Superior State University, officials from Coast Guard Base Sector Sault, and a local family have awarded the fifth Amy Ignatowski Memorial Award to LSSU business administration-management major and Coast Guardsman Craig Edsall. Full Article >>

Members of LSSU's Ducks Unlimited chapter, the only active student chapter in Michigan, attended a national conference over the summer to improve their organization. Full Article >>

Only four schools did better than LSSU on Lansing's 2014 Educator Preparation Institution Score Report. Lake State outperformed ten other state universities, including the University of Michigan. Full Article >>

Jim Howie is a passionate woodworker whose cabinetry, framing, and sports iconography is scattered throughout Taffy Abel ice arena and the Norris Center. He has also been official Laker hockey videographer for more than 25 years. Full Article >>

The public is welcome to hear Kim Muir's inspirational story, "From Seoul to the Sault," the latest in LSSU's "BE Inspired" series sponsored by the College of Business and Engineering. The free program will be held at 6 p.m. Sept. 8 in room 204 of Crawford Hall. Full Article >>

Who can restore aquatic macroinvertebrates, plumb the depths of astrobiology, and make cocktail conversation about the Confederate flag in South Carolina? A few of the 12 new faces - plus one familiar one - who signed on this fall as faculty at Lake Superior State University. Full Article >>

The award earmarks hundreds of dollars to Sault High for lab supplies and instrumentation, and supports regular collaborative visits between LSSU and Sault High over the coming year. Full Article >>

Lake Superior State University teacher interns - six elementary education students and three secondary education students – set goals for their upcoming placement into Michigan and Ontario public, charter, and parochial school classrooms. Full Article >>

Men's junior varsity basketball head coach Brandon Lokken and Laker mascot Seamore gave LSSU president Tom Pleger and his wife, Teresa, 25 gallons of pure Lake Superior ice water to send an ALS bucket challenge on its way to the Internet. WITH VIDEO! Full Article >>

The 12th-annual activities fair let the campus and Sault-area communities meet one another through table displays, food, and events. Food services catered an indoor barbeque. Full Article >>

LSSU chemistry professor Adam Mosey employs students on original research into whether unique organic molecules - called heterocycles - might be useful in modeling drug interactions. Full Article >>

Profs trained on how to engage students in using the center's five computer-controlled, wireless mannequins that do things real humans do, including bleed, blink, cry, and even deliver a baby. Full Article >>

Lake Superior State University's 450-plus Class of 2018 signed its Big Yellow Rock, an event that officially marks its arrival at Lake State. The Aug. 21 signing was part of Laker Week, with its picnics, concerts, and other events that welcome students to the fall semester. WITH VIDEO MASHUP! Full Article >>

Class of 2018 keeps the Laker Week tradition alive with lawn games, a rock signing, and a St. Mary's River cruise. Oh, and getting their stuff moved-in. Full Article >>

Jared Ogden, former Navy SEAL and cast member of National Geographic's "Ultimate Survival Alaska" TV show, paid a visit to the Eastern Upper Peninsula to train with LSSU Public Safety officer and criminal justice students. Full Article >>

Each year, the LSSU Foundation sends out an appeal to Sault High and Loretto High alumni who may be interested in supporting this very special fund. Each year, the fund receives up to $10,000 in donations. Full Article >>

Community groups and businesses are invited to meet new LSSU students at the 12th annual Lakerpalooza on Aug. 23. The annual information and resource fair welcomes new students to the community while showing what is available to them here in the twin-Saults. Full Article >>

LSSU is dedicated to offering high quality educational experiences both on and off campus and is working with the state superintendent's office to alleviate its concerns. Full Article >>

Seven medical and nursing students from Shaoxing University, LSSU's partner university in China, are in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., for a summer program that offers glimpses into American health services and culture. See the Aug. 13 television news story! Full Article >>

In establishing the scholarship, the late Sault Ste. Marie resident Larry Regan Smart and his family requested that the amount of the gift remain confidential, but LSSU Foundation staff say it will help an incredible number of students in the coming years. Full Article >>

Lake Superior State technicians have found that the invasive alien water plant in Raber Bay in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Biologists hope public education, some strategic pulling, and a yet-to-be-determined herbicide will curb the plant's impact on the Great Lakes region. Full Article >>

LSSU's math department teamed up with the Sault Area Middle School and the EUP Math and Science Center to launch the first EUP Math Teachers' Circle, which attracted almost 20 math educators from around the region. Full Article >>

Members of Lake Superior State University's Dance Company presented performances throughout the day at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan's Downtown Days. Students also sold homemade tutus as a fundraiser for the group. Full Article >>

Fifteen-month-old Richard Wasmuth IV got his first installment of Laker Spirit, thanks to a close encounter with Seamore the Sea Duck in front of Lake Superior State University's booth during Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan's Downtown Days. Full Article >>

Dozens of EMS skills were offered to students and regional first-responders during a two-week paramedic academy conducted by Lake State in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Full Article >>

Licensed practical nurse program, which graduates a class on Aug. 2, conducted safety, personal health, and first aid briefings at stations that touched on everything from treating heatstroke to putting out clothing fires. Full Article >>

New BAS Epsilon electrochemical analyzer will explore polymers that are lightweight and flexible like plastic and have unique electronic properties, which makes them useful in solar cells, organic light emitting diodes , corrosion coatings, and in thin semiconductors. Full Article >>

The thermal cycler, funded by a Streck Corporation educational grant worth thousands of dollars, plugs into a computer's USB port and does the work of older refrigerator-sized instruments in less than a quarter of the time. Full Article >>

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