Redefining the Classroom

LSSU students pluck purple loosestrife from coastal marshes

Posted: October 7th, 2011

PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE PATROL -- Members of the Lake Superior State University's Fisheries and Wildlife Club take a break and pose for a photo after pulling purple loosestrife plants from the coastal marshes along the St. Mary's River this fall. The control of this invasive species is a continuation of an academic service learning project conducted by Mike McCarthy of Edmore, Mich. McCarthy is a senior in the LSSU conservation leadership program and this is part of his senior project, a requirement for graduation. He worked with members of the Sault Tribe's Environmental Department and the Chippewa/ East Mackinac Conservation District Cooperative Weed Management Team on the biological control of purple loosestrife in the Eastern Upper Peninsula and education of residents and visitors about this invasive species that can rapidly take over a wetland by crowding out native vegetation. Pictured are Mark Martin, Amanda Chambers, McCarthy, Jordan Christie, Kody Kurtzhals, Ryan Baldwin, Baizley Howell, Addie Dutton, Sam Griffin, Logan Nevins, Chad Cook, and James VanOrman. (Photo by Sam Downs)