Redefining the Classroom

LSSU alum Nick Smith shares his radioactive career

Posted: November 27th, 2012

MEET THE ISOTOPES -- Lake Superior State University 2005 graduate and working nuclear chemist Nicholas Smith presents a primer on how nukes work for medicine and industry during a public talk on Nov. 16, in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Smith works in the areas of radioisotope recycling and medical isotope synthesis and isolation at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. The Argonne lab, along with Oak Ridge and Los Alamos labs, are where the bulk of American nuclear research is performed. Smith attended the American Chemical Society's competitive "Nuclear Chemistry Summer School" between his junior and senior year at LSSU. The experience convinced him to pursue a graduate degree in nuclear chemistry at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he received his Ph.D. Smith is also a graduate of Sault Area High School. Run a Web search on "LSSU chemistry" for more about that area of study at Lake State. (LSSU/John Shibley)

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