Redefining the Classroom

EUP Math Teacher Circle kicks off at LSSU

Posted: August 5th, 2014

MATH GOES 4-D – A game called "Set" awaits a group of math teachers in Lake Superior State University's 21st-Century Classroom on Aug. 1. A variation on the famous card game lets math teachers, and their students, grasp the concept of four spatial dimensions. LSSU's math department teamed up with the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District and the EUP Math and Science Center to launch the first EUP Math Teachers' Circle, which attracted almost 20 math educators from around the region. Workshops throughout the day explored differing ways of perceiving and sharing the wonder of math. Math professor and Circle co-organizer Collette Coullard joined LSSU math professor emeritus Bernie Arbic to reveal how things get knotted through the mathematics of Conway's Rational Tangles. Run a Web search on "math teacher circles" to read more about the national effort. (LSSU/John Shibley)

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