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LSSU student appointed to committee studying Michigan Game and Fish Fund

Posted: February 18th, 2006

AQUATIC LAB TOUR -- LSSU student Chris Wesolek, at right, discusses the ins and outs of raising Atlantic salmon in the LSSU Aquatic Research Laboratory with State Rep. John Stewart, center, and one of his staffers. Wesolek was recently appointed to a committee that will review the state's Game and Fish Fund and come up with solutions to stabilize it. The committee will present its recommendations to the Natural Resources Commission this spring. (LSSU Photo by John Shibley)

By Jeremy Ridky, LSSU PR Intern
SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. – Lake Superior State University student Christopher Wesolek was recently appointed to a state work group that will look at the possibility of increasing hunting and fishing license fees.

Wesolek was one of 18 citizens who were appointed by Michigan Department of Natural Resources Director Rebecca Humphries in January to address the issue of decreasing revenue in the state’s Game and Fish Protection Fund and increasing costs due to inflation. Humphries said the shortfall may result in program reductions and could jeopardize the state's ability to protect, manage and conserve its natural resources.

The task force is meeting twice per month and will report to the Natural Resources Commission later this spring.

"Chris is the only undergraduate student to be invited to serve," said Prof. Ashley Moerke, assistant professor of biology and co-director of LSSU's Aquatic Research Laboratory, where Wesolek works. "I think the fact that the MDNR invited an LSSU student really speaks highly of our program and our reputation."

Wesolek recently traveled to Lansing for his first meeting and reported that the process has been extremely insightful.

“This is going to be a long process, and hopefully we come up with a package that will solve the problem yet remain simple in design,” said Wesolek. He added that it is also turning out to be a great way for him to meet MDNR staff and state leaders in conservation.

Wesolek is an LSSU senior from Saginaw majoring in fisheries and wildlife management. For more information on LSSU programs in the natural sciences, visit LSSU Academics. –LSSU-