Guide to ALEKS PPL for Current Students

Students first enrolled in Fall 2023

  1. Go to
  2. If prompted to log in at the Lake Superior beach scene, use the same username and password you use for logging on to the LSSU campus computers.

You can now work through the ALEKS learning modules or take the assessment.

ALEKS PPL is a math placement testing program that combines testing with individualized learning modules to help students improve their math skills and overall math course placement.

The information below is for Current Students who first enrolled after Fall 2021. If you are an Incoming Student, Dual Enrolled, or Early College Student, please follow the appropriate link below.

ALEKS PPL Overview

To begin using ALEKS PPL, you must register for an account and pay the $20 registration fee (see below). Once this is done you will have access to five tests and the corresponding Learning Modules. Due to the use of Respondus Monitor for remote proctoring, all five tests will be considered proctored tests. You will enter a password at the beginning of each test that will mark the test as “proctored” and then launch Respondus Monitor. You will have two hours to complete the test. No physical calculator or notes are allowed but you may use scrap paper. ALEKS PPL will provide an on screen calculator when needed. At the end of your test, you will receive your ALEKS score and can see where that places you based on LSSU’s Math Course Placement Chart.

If you are not satisfied with your score, you will need to begin work in the Prep & Learning Modules. These modules are created using the data from your test- you will be practicing the skills you need to master to move to the next level, not things you already know. To unlock your next test attempt, you will need to complete the Learning Module. These can be quite long but are the key to improving your course placement! There is also a 48 hour “cool down” period between test attempts so that you have time to practice and improve your skills.

Once you’ve completed your Learning Module, you can take another attempt at the test. This process repeats until you are satisfied with your ALEKS score or have used all five tests attempts.

ALEKS PPL Registration Instructions

  • Click on the “New Student? SIGN UP NOW!” link and you will be walked through the registration process.
  • Under “Using ALEKS with a class?” please enter the following: 34FVF-QQDPR.
  • Review the confirmation page. The course code should match the one listed above and the institution should be Lake Superior State University. If both fields are correct, click confirm.
  • Select “No, I have never used ALEKS before” and click continue.
  • Fill out the registration page using an LSSU email address and LSSU student ID number. Accept the Terms of Use and continue. Make sure to write down your password.
  • ALEKS PPL will generate an ALEKS login name. Be sure to write down both your username and password. Continue.
  • Click “Continue” on the “Welcome to your ALEKS class mangement experience!” page. ALEKS will then show you how to access your ALEKS PPL course.
  • Complete the Survey and Tutorial before getting started in the placement tests.

Instructions for Taking a Proctored ALEKS PPL Test

On the left side of your ALEKS PPL main screen, you’ll see the option to take your next test attempt. To begin a proctored test, please select “Proctored” and then “Placement Assessment Override” in the next window. On the next screen enter the password “LSSU21!” and click submit. This will bring you to the setup of Respondus.

Next you will need to download Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor if you haven’t used these previously with ALEKS PPL. The fee for using Respondus with ALEKS PPL is included in your registration.

After downloading the software, you will need to launch Respondus and go through the setup process. That setup process will include the following:

  • Agreement to Respondus’ Terms of Use
  • Webcam Check
    • You will record a 10 second video with audio to ensure that your webcam is working properly.
  • Additional Instructions
    • This contains information specific to LSSU. Please make sure you read this entire section before selecting “Continue”.
  • Guidelines & Tips on using Respondus
  • Student Photo
    • You will use your webcam to take a photo of yourself.
  • Show ID
    • You will use your webcam to take a photo of your ID. Either a government issued ID or your LSSU student ID are acceptable forms of identification.
  • Environment Check
    • You will use your webcam to show that you are testing in a distraction free environment free of notes, books, calculators, etc. You will also use this time to show that your scrap paper is blank.
  • Facial Detection Check
    • Respondus will notify us if your face is not in view while testing. This check will show you how to stay in view and what the notification looks like. I recommend having enough space in front of your device to use your scrap paper. Doing work off to the side will set off the Facial Detection Alert.
  • Begin Exam

Respondus will flag tests that have suspicious behavior and the footage will be reviewed to ensure no cheating occurred. Cheating on your ALEKS PPL Math Placement Test is not in your best interest and will result in your scores being invalidated.

LSSU Math Course Placement Chart for ALEKS PPL

LSSU Math Course Required ALEKS Score
MATH 088 0-29
MATH 102, 119, 207 30-45
MATH 103, 104, 111 46-60
MATH 131 46-75
MATH 112 61-75
MATH 151
76-100 OR 61-75 & MATH 131

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