Guide to ALEKS PPL for Incoming Freshmen & Transfer Students

Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students Spring 2024

All incoming freshman and transfer students will take the first ALEKS placement test at Orientation.

Please CLICK HERE to continue working in the learning modules or to take your next ALEKS PPL assessment.

ALEKS PPL is a math placement testing program that combines testing with individualized learning modules to help students improve their math skills and overall math course placement.

The information below is for Incoming Students who are first time Freshmen or transfer students. An ALEKS PPL score is required for all Incoming Students prior to registering for classes. If you are a Current Student, Dual/Concurrent Enrolled, or an Early College Students, please follow the appropriate link below.

Instructions for Taking a Proctored ALEKS PPL Test

On the left side of ALEKS PPL main page, you’ll see the option to take your next test attempt. To begin a proctored test, please select “Proctored” and then “Placement Assessment Override” in the next window. On the next screen enter the password “Lakers23” and click submit. This will bring you to the setup of Respondus.

Next you will need to download Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor if you haven’t used these previously with ALEKS PPL.

After downloading the software, you will need to launch Respondus and go through the setup process. That setup process will include the following:

  • Agreement to Respondus’ Terms of Use
  • Webcam Check
    • You will record a 10 second video with audio to ensure that your webcam is working properly.
  • Additional Instructions
    • This contains information specific to LSSU. Please make sure you read this entire section before selecting “Continue”.
  • Guidelines & Tips on using Respondus
  • Student Photo
    • You will use your webcam to take a photo of yourself.
  • Show ID
    • You will use your webcam to take a photo of your ID. Either a government issued ID or your LSSU student ID are acceptable forms of identification.
  • Environment Check
    • You will use your webcam to show that you are testing in a distraction free environment free of notes, books, calculators, etc. You will also use this time to show that your scrap paper is blank.
  • Facial Detection Check
    • Respondus will notify us if your face is not in view while testing. This check will show you how to stay in view and what the notification looks like. I recommend having enough space in front of your device to use your scrap paper. Doing work off to the side will set off the Facial Detection Alert.
  • Begin Exam

Respondus will flag tests that have suspicious behavior and the footage will be reviewed to ensure no cheating occurred. Cheating on your ALEKS PPL Math Placement Test is not in your best interest and will result in your scores being invalidated.

Once you see your ALEKS PPL score, click on the “Go to Your Institution’s Webpage to Learn More” link. To complete your initial ALEKS PPL assessment, click on “Continue to Webpage” and complete the Math Attitude Inventory.

LSSU Math Course Placement Chart

LSSU Math Course Required ALEKS Score
MATH 088 0-29
MATH 102, 110, 207 30-45
MATH 103, 104, 111 46-60
MATH 131 46-75
MATH 112 61-75
MATH 151
76-100 OR 61-75 & MATH 131

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