LSSU Mentoring Program

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The LSSU Mentoring Program is designed to ease the “high school to college” transition for incoming freshmen. The program matches freshmen with successful upperclassmen students. Mentors and mentees are paired based on their academic interest so the mentor can provide personalized support and connections to campus resources. LSSU Mentoring is here to help you succeed, grow and successfully graduate from Lake State!

What can you expect from your mentor?

Your mentor will be your “go-to” person at the university. They can connect you to campus resources and help you find ways to ensure your success. Once your mentor is assigned, they will email you about our annual kickoff event. After the kickoff, your mentor will contact you several times throughout the semester to check your progress and address any questions or concerns you have as a Lake Superior State University student.

What is my role as a mentee?

As a mentee, your role is to stay in contact with your mentor and keep them apprised of any significant challenges (academic, social, or personal). You are responsible for keeping scheduled meetings with your mentor. Remember that your mentor is there to assist and advise! Don’t be afraid to reach out to them when you aren’t sure what you should do.

What are the benefits of having a mentor?

• Increased personal and academic confidence

• Guidance to set academic goals

• Study smarter not harder

• Explore student organizations

• Ability to focus concerns, worries and insecurities

• Enhance your self esteem

• Availability of someone to assist and to coach

• Understanding of effective time management

• Improve communication

• Find your academic advisor

• Connections and referrals to University resources and services

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“My experience as a student first mentee was phenomenal. The program really helped me grow as a student and as a social person. Coming into LSSU, I didn’t know anybody. I was alone constantly and very quickly I began experiencing the symptoms of depression. I went to student first because it was an organized group and I just needed to meet people. There, I met my wonderful mentor, Morgan Shafer and a great friend. Morgan was a very dedicated mentor. She was always there to talk and answer any questions I had. I enjoyed meeting with her and learning how to be a successful student from her. Participating in Student First made me come out of my shell a little bit. I started making many more friends and I was generally happier with my decision. I would recommend Student First to any college freshman because you really do learn skills that you need to be successful in college.”

Jenna BreenB.S. 2018