Accessibility Services: Assisting Students with Disabilities

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Accessibility Services provides assistive learning technology support, advocacy and assistance in obtaining testing and documentation, and filing such documentation.  A proactive approach is incorporated assuring compliance with ADA and public law 504.  We provide equal access to programs of study, services, and activities.  Accessibility Services assists students by:

  • Providing information to students seeking disability services on campus.
  • Verifying student documentation to establish eligibility for disability related services.
  • Providing a Letter of Accommodation for students to present to faculty that includes accommodations identified for individual students.
  • Providing support to students with disabilities via counseling, advocacy, referral etc.
  • Coordinating and administering accommodated exams in the AS Testing Room.
  • Providing disability-related technical assistance, auxiliary aids/services, etc.
  • Clarifying student and faculty roles and responsibilities

Accessibility Services also houses the Ability Center for Exceptional Students (ACES). ACES provides a work and study area for students with disabilities.

Fees and Eligibility for Services

No fees!

There are no fees associated with services.

Being a University-supported department, the services are restricted to enrolled students.

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