Fall 2017 Career Fair Participating Organizations

The following organizations have registered for the Fall 2017 Career Fair on October 13, 2017, from 12-2pm in the Superior Room of the Walker Cisler Center; following each organization’s link is a list of the majors of study that are of interest.

2R Automation – Engineering (Electrical; Controls; Automation)

Acme Manufacturing Company – Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, especially with Robotics concentration)

Americorps – All majors

Applied Manufacturing Technology – Engineering

Army Corps of Engineers – Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical)

Cadillac Casting – Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Automation, CNC)

Carmeuse – Geology, Engineering

Chippewa Co 4-H – Volunteering opportunities for all majors

Circuit Controls Corporation – Engineering

Employment Services, Inc. – Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical)

Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District – Education for teachers, any major for subs

Esys Automation – Project Engineer

JR Automation – Engineering (Controls, Mechanical)

Kautex Textron – Automation Engineers, Metallurgy, Materials Science

Kay Manufacturing – Engineering (Automation, Manufacturing, Quality and General)

KUKA Robotics – Engineering

Matrix Design, LLC – Engineering (Computer, Electrical, Mechanical)

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Divisions – Criminal Justice

Munson Healthcare – Healthcare and Computer Science

Northwestern Health Sciences University – All majors

Old Mission Bank – Business

Port Huron Police Dept – Criminal Justice

R&E Automated Systems – Robotics Engineering (Manufacturing, Computer, Electrical)

Rehmann Group – Accounting

​Royal Technologies – Engineering

Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre / Lottery and Gaming Pursuit Project – Computer Engineering, Robotics, Business, Computer Software

SCA – Robotics, Engineering

Sherwin-Williams – Business/Sales

Textron Aviation – Engineering

​TranTek Automation – Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical) and Robotics

Triton Automation Group, LLC – Automated Systems Technology, Engineering (Computer, Electrical, Manufacturing, Mechanical)

University of Michigan – Flint – All majors

Upward Talent Council Michigan – All majors

Last updated 10/10/17