Liberal Studies

The liberal studies program is designed for those students who either desire a specific set of courses contained in particular minors or who are planning on attending graduate or professional school. This program is quite rigorous in that there are a minimum number of upper division credits required as well as a senior capstone experience. Thus, the graduates of this program will have a firm grounding in the liberal arts as well as the requisite communication skills necessary for success in today’s world.

Once a student decides on this major:

  1. The student contacts the liberal studies degree director.
  2. Student and director agree on choice of minors.
    1. If needed, director consults with faculty in the discipline.
    2. If needed, director consults with the Liberal Studies Degree Committee.
  3. Student and director discuss core requirements, general education requirements, BA/ BS requirements and elective choices.
  4. Student and director discuss other requirements; i.e., upper division minimum requirements.
  5. Student is given an educational plan including a Degree Audit Sheet.
  6. If necessary, student makes formal request to change major. a. Advisor(s) assigned after consultation
  7. Student matriculates.
  8. Student meets with liberal studies director spring of junior year to set up senior capstone experience (INTD490). Subsequent meeting with advisor(s).
  9. In senior year, student returns to liberal studies director for final review and signature.