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Leslie Machado

Leslie Machado

LSSU Chemistry Major

PhD in chemistry at Johns Hopkins University

College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

School of Physical Sciences

Environmental Analysis Laboratory



Crawford Hall

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Toledo water crisis passes but longterm threat looms

Water crisis grips hundreds of thousands in Toledo area

State of emergency declared for NW Ohio counties over water contamination

Toledo Water Crisis: A timeline of what's happened so far

Toledo-area water advisory expected to continue through Sunday as leaders await tests; water stations to remain open

Toledo water test results are improving but region still has a long way, mayor says

Awesome new spectrometer in chemistry gets test drive


AQ1 Strengthens Research Lab at Lake Superior State Uni (USA)

Lake Superior State University Acquires SEAL AQ1 Discrete Analyzer for Water Quality Sample Analysis

AQ1 Strengthens Research Lab - Seal Analytical

State House education appropriator eyes LSSU tech research facilities

LSSU water research lab has new equipment, new possibilities

New tool beefs up LSSU Environmental Research lab

New tool beefs up Environmental Research Lab


LSSU faculty and students fill special issue of Great Lakes Research Journal


Description of Services


     The Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) at Lake Superior State University provides analysis services to state, federal, and local environmental monitoring programs emphasizing education, research, and community service. We follow US Environmental Protection Agency and MI Department of Environmental Quality approved analytical protocols on all analyses allowing data from the Environmental Analysis Laboratory to be included in appropriate state databases.

     In all our work, we adhere to quality control procedures designed to produce analytical results of known, documented, and high quality.  Our current activities include: ‌

  • Traditional wet chemical analysis techniques

  • Classical and state-of-the-art instrumental analysis methods

  • Field measurements taken using both portable and continuously monitoring equipment.


     The EAL provides students, staff, and faculty with the opportunity to collaborate with external agencies in research projects involving relevant environmental problems. We also provide the community with technical assistance for water quality analysis and monitoring, establishing a link between graduating seniors and potential employers.

Mission Statement

Benefits of Using Our Lab

     The mission of LSSU Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) is to provide professional analytical and research services, while engaging students in modern analytical techniques. The EAL is designed to help students prepare themselves for careers as scientists, technicians, and other professionals by creating an environment where students work with highly trained staff to engage in research, design experiments, and perform sample analysis.

To ensure that this is accomplished the EAL:

  • Provides students with hands-on laboratory experiences.
  • Promotes a close student / faculty interaction.
  • Provides students with practical paid internship experiences.


Impact in the real world...

Rachel Claucherty-Arnold

Rachel Claucherty-Arnold
Environmental Health

What made Rachel's Lake Superior State experience so unique was the practical research she did with top-notch faculty.

"I really enjoyed working with environmental chemistry professor Judy Westrick and biologist Deb Stai," Rachel says. "For my senior project, we evaluated a lab method for cultivating a fungus that causes infections in humans."

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