Undecided or Undeclared? We are here to help you succeed!

Not sure what academic route to pursue in college? Do you want a degree but have about four different majors in mind? Are you just unsure what it is you want to do with the rest of your life?

Lake Superior State University can help with its Liberal Arts/Undecided program which features its own academic department (Undecided), a career center that offers a resource library, resume and interviewing education, internships and part-time work opportunities, career fairs, workshops and forums. Special classes are offered in career choices and decision making, and grants and tuition assistance are available.

Career Services at LSSU provides counseling and works collaboratively with faculty, alumni and employers to help undecided students make choices and set goals. Students work with a career counselor to explore values, interests, abilities and personality to determine what academic area might appeal most to the student, and career services staffers Mary Jo Meehan and Theresa Weaver are eager to assist.

The Liberal Arts/Undecided program is structured to allow students to explore courses, majors, careers and interests all while working toward degree requirements. There are sample one-year schedules the undecided student can use to build a preliminary schedule that will put him or her on a degree track. Meanwhile, testing is available to help determine areas of interest, ability and to help chart a degree course.

  • Too many students immerse themselves in a particular major in their first year, only to discover that they want or need to make a change two or more semesters later. Better to explore the waters of several majors initially and use the services provided at student-focused LSSU first, and decide on a major a year or two into the college experience. The general credits earned while exploring one’s options count toward most if not all degree programs at LSSU. If you’re not positive where you are heading with your education, look into the opportunities of the Liberal Arts/Undecided major at LSSU. Lake Superior State University is small enough to be very effective with the one-on-one relationship of students with faculty.

If you are undecided about your choice of major, you are not alone:

  • 80% of entering college students question their choice of a major
  • Over 50% of first-year students change majors at least once before graduation
  • Many students change their major several times before graduating
  • There is a definite link between having a solid career goal and success in college, but being “undecided” about a major or field of study is perfectly normal.

There is no better place to be undecided than LSSU …. the most student-focused university in Michigan.

Sample Class Schedule

The Liberal Arts – Undecided/Undeclared Program is structured to allow students to explore courses, majors, careers and interests while working toward degree requirements.

A LSSU, a portion of the requirements for a bachelors’ degree is the set of general education courses, consisting of 38 credits. These requirements are the same for all majors. Early completion of general education courses allows you to make progress towards completing degree requirements and explore subject areas which will assist you in choosing a major or career.

Sample Year One Schedule: Fall Semester
ENGL110Freshman Composition3
COMM101 Communications3
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology4
MATH111 College Algebra3
Total Credits14
Sample Year One Schedule: Spring Semester
ENGL111Composition II3
BIOL105Functions Human Body4
POLI110American Government & Politics4
Total Credits15

Lake Superior State University has an outstanding Career Center that offers a number of programs and resources for students who are exploring their career options. Classes, information sessions, personal assessments, and a Career Resource Library are among some of the services available. A sample of other career planning resources include:

  • DISCOVER – Web-based career exploration tool which includes online assessments, information on occupations, job outlooks, salaries and college majors.
  • SERV125 – A one credit Career and Decision Making course where students complete interest , personality and ability assessments. They will also be introduced to different careers each week through professors and guest speakers.
  • Career Fairs – Great events for networking and researching career options, internships and jobs.