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Anna Wilson

"Lake State is a local University that gave me the option to earn my education while be located close to my family.  My short-term goal is to gain as much experience as possible in the community and to possibly continue my education toward a Masters Degree.  I’d like to continue my work within the city and take advantage of opportunities to be more involved in local politics.  In the long term, after I’ve made myself as competitive as possible the marketing field, I’d like to get a job at a medium to large size company and work more with individual products or brands as opposed to marketing a company itself."

" Currently I am a Board Member on the Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Development Authority, in which my marketing background has been beneficial.  Also, I work with the International 500 Snowmobile race as the Chairperson of the Non-Race Events Committee and I work in the pits doing timing for the race and other tasks.  I am studying snowmobile mechanics to eventually become a race official or snowmobile technician.  I compete on the Soo Co-op Credit Union bowling team and I’m continually involving myself in various community events."

Anna Wilson '06


Letter from Laker Parents

Dear Parents of Future Lakers,

As parents, we feel it is very important to share with you just what it is we value about Lake Superior State University. Our daughter, Tiffany, graduated this past May with a degree in Elementary Education. We are very pleased with the choice Tiffany has made in attending LSSU. We had our reservations, like many other parents tend to have, when their child leaves home for college. However, within a matter of a few weeks the open contact with faculty, staff and fellow students made her feel very welcome and at home. LSSU was a significant part of our daughter’s life and we are proud to be a member of the extended Laker family.

The University has many opportunities for students to achieve their academic and career oriented goals. Tiffany has grown immensely through the experiences she had while at Lake State. Last summer, she studied in Mexico during a six week study-abroad program. Tiffany has taught at a parochial school as a requirement for her degree program. This experience has doubled the value of the time she spent at Lake State. From her first semester at LSSU Tiffany had direct interaction with professors both involved with her degree program and not. This has only reaffirmed her decision to further her education. The faculty at Lake State has guided her to a career path she is very passionate about.

LSSU presents its students with campus involvement to suit many of their interests. It was easy for Tiffany to fit into many roles and meet many people. Since her freshman year she was involved with Student Alumni Involved for Lake State (SAILS), an ambassador group representing the University. Tiffany’s involvement as a Resident Assistant since her sophomore year enabled her to meet many people and form friendships that will last a lifetime. Tiffany was involved with many other committees, special events and served as a campus tour guide.

The distance to school is not too far away from our home. We made many quick trips to see her at the University. We looked forward to spending time with her and visiting the attractions that abound in both the US and Canadian border communities. The distance from home has allowed Tiffany to mature and find herself, while still being within our reach. The Sault Ste. Marie community offers a safe and welcoming feeling. Many families, including those of faculty and staff, welcomed Tiffany into their homes and even offered jobs to help support her in furthering her education.

As you can see, Tiffany accomplished quite a bit in her time at LSSU. We are truly proud of the efforts she made, the ties that she formed and the success she is certain to attain. The investment we made as parents, in an education at Lake Superior State University, is one that we have no regrets in making.

As you prepare to open this exciting door for your child, we just wanted to let you know that we consider Tiffany's experience the educational investment of a lifetime. If you have any questions about Lake Superior State University, you should feel very comfortable in calling the Admissions Office. The Admissions staff is always willing to assist you and your child. You can reach them by email at, or call them toll-free at 1-888-800-5778.


Wayne and Susan King
Parents of Tiffany King ‘05

Freeland, MI

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Vision to Succeed

Robotics Industries Association

First Place
Lake Superior State University

Design and development of low cost robotics machine tending system

Second Place
University of Waterloo, Canada

Third Place
New Mexico Institute of Mining

2001 Robotics Industries Association: Robotics & Vision Show

International Scholarship Competition

June 5, 2001
Chicago, IL

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