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Alumni Association Membership

LSSU HoodieStudents Today, Alumni Tomorrow… Lakers Forever!

Join the Alumni Association now at the special 2017 Graduate rate and get a free LSSU hoodie!

This is a Special Rate for 2017 LSSU Graduates ONLY. Offer expires July 31, 2017

Other perks of membership

  • 3 free academic transcripts each year
  • 15% Discount on LSSU attire at Barnes and Noble
  • discounts to alumni events
  • discounts on car rentals
  • discounts on hotels

How do I join?

Fill out membership application below. Be sure to include your preferred email address and indicate your sweatshirt size. You can pick up your sweatshirt from Alumni House. If you are unable to pick up your sweatshirt, we will ship it anywhere in the US for an additional $10

Membership Form

(after graduation)
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Sign me up and I will pick up the Hoodie in person. I will pay $20 for the membership.
Sign me up and SEND ME the Hoodie to the address listed above. I will pay $30 to cover membership & shipping of the Hoodie with the US.

*Hoodie Size:

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NOTE: (An additional $5 for 2XL / 3XL size)

Please contact me about:
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