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The LSSU Aquatic Research Laboratory will combine education and research on aquatic biota and their associated habitats within the Great Lakes basin to serve the academic, scientific, and public communities. more...

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Fishing and River Conditions

Completion of the LSSU Center for Freshwater Research and Education (CFRE) will enable LSSU to increase partnerships within the university, local community, and upper Great Lakes region.  The renovated facility will integrate student training, research opportunities, and community awareness by partnering with local and international agencies to establish a year-round center of education and research on the upper Great Lakes ecosystems.


Meet the ARL Staff & Faculty

Dr. Ashley Moerke - ARL Co-Director

(906) 635-2153

Dr. Kevin Kapuscinski - ARL Co-Director

(906) 635-2093

Dr. Jun Li - Fish Disease Lab Manager

(906) 635-2094

Mr. Roger Greil - ARL Lab Manager

(906) 635-1949



Sault Sainte Marie, MI 49783

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