Planning for your outing at the AC…

Outside picture of the Arts Center
Arts Center Lobby

Main Entrance to the Lobby

Walking into the main entrance of the Arts Center, visitors will see the Art Gallery directly in front of the entrance.  The Art Gallery exhibits works by artists from the Midwest.  To the left of the Art Gallery is the Arts Center Box Office.  Here visitors can get information on everything going on at the Arts Center and purchase tickets to any Arts Center event.  To the left of the Box Office, is one of two concourses where visitors can enter the theater.  This concourse is called the East Concourse.  It takes you to the theater’s Even Numbered seats.

Arts Center Box Office Ticket Window

Purchasing Tickets

Options for purchasing tickets are online, over the phone, or in person. To purchase tickets online, click the box marked See Ticket Options below. To purchase tickets over the phone, call 906-635-2787. To purchase tickets in person, head over to the Arts Center and stop by the Box Office.  You will find a friendly staff member ready to help you buy tickets. Our box office is open Tuesday – Friday from 10 AM – 3 PM.

Image of Arts Center from West End

West End of the Lobby

Traveling down the three-quarters of the lobby, guests will arrive at the West Concourse. This concourse leads to the theater entrance for all Odd Numbered seats. The concessions booth, water fountains and restrooms are located just past the West Concourse. The west end of the lobby offers visitors some seating and an alternative exit to the building.