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Our mission at Lake Superior State University is to help students develop their full potential. We launch students on paths to rewarding careers and productive, satisfying lives. We serve the regional, state, national and global communities by contributing to the growth, dissemination, and application of knowledge.

Strategic Plan: CAFE

The LSSU Strategic Plan is grounded on four pillars which define all our efforts related to fulfillment of our institutional mission.


LSSU will develop a permeating culture of open communication and engagement fostering an enriching academic experience focused on a strong sense of community across campus, and connection to the Eastern Upper Peninsula.


LSSU will develop and embrace an educational environment which is at once informing and informed; respecting and cultivating knowledge, resources, and human talent in positive contribution to the local and global community.


LSSU will operate within its means in such a manner that allows continued improvement and development.


LSSU will engage in the systematic and integrated planning of student enrollment through identification of specific and measurable recruitment and retention goals which address student persistence, student success, and graduation.