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  • Schedule and "Assessment Bee" for your School or administrative unit.
    • Bee(bē) 1.Any of numerous winged, hairybodied, usually stinging hymenopteran insects 2. A social gathering where people combine work, competition, and amusement :a quilting bee, or an assessment bee. (
    • The Assessment Committee is holding a series of "assessment bee"events with school faculty. In this time block, ranging from 2-4 hours, members of the Assessment Committee will be present to assist with refining course-level student learning outcomes, identifying realistic measures of student learning, documenting evidence of student learning and of the school's use of that learning evidence. We can also help with Tracdat entry if that is needed.
    • Please notice that Tracdat comes LAST. We want to emphasize that the focus is on documenting our use of assessment data to improve student learning. Assessing student learning does take time, and we know that is time not spent in instruction, grading and so forth. However, instruction, if it doesn't lead to learning, is of questionable value. And assessment, if not a meaningful measure of student learning, is also of questionable value. Finally, assessment doesn't improve instruction unless and until we use what we learn to improve student learning.
    • To schedule an "assessment bee" for your unit contact David Myton (
  • Assessment Presentations
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment in Student Affairs and Student Services
  • The Assessemnt Commons with over 1600 links from over 500 college and university assessment offices
  • Customized Training events and Professional Development are available at the school or departmental level - contact David Myton x2349

Tracdat 5 Resources

Several new features were incorporated into the V.5 release of Tracdat, as well as a new user interface. New training resources are in development and will be posted on this page as they become available.

General Resources

Academic Assessment

  • Course assessment - guidesheet (.pdf) - video (.mp4)
  • Program assessment - guidesheet (.pdf) - video (.mp4)
  • Linking course outcomes to satisfy program outcomes - guidesheet (.pdf) - video (.mp4)

Administrative, Strategic and Support Services Assessment

  • Strategic outcome assessment - guidesheet (.pdf) - video (.mp4)
  • Strategic reports - guidesheet (.pdf) - video (.mp4)

Archive of Tracdat 4 Resources and other materials


Index of Other Assessment Resources

Professional Development Sessions: Fall 2012, Fall 2013



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