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Course Listing on Blackboard


All Spring 2013 courses are automatically created on Blackboard. There is no need to submit your course shell requests any more!

You should see courses from the last three (Summer 2012, Spring 2012 and Fall 2011) semesters listed in your My Courses module.

Please note the following:

a. Naming convention used to name courses

b. Courses flagged as "Unavailable"

c. Hiding Courses


a. Naming convention used to name courses

There are two parts to each course listing: the Course ID and Course Name

Course ID consists of two parts, the crn and the semester. In the following example, the course crn is: 20371, followed by the semester: 201320


Here is a listing of the semesters as defined in the student information system:

Fall 2011 = 201210

Spring 2012 = 201220

Summer 2012 = 201230

Fall 2012 = 201310

Spring 2012 = 201320

Summer 2012 = 201330

b. Courses flagged as "Unavailable"

Courses flagged as "Unavailable" are hidden from the students enrolled in the course.

When you are ready to make the course visible to the students do the following:

1. Access the course

2. From the Control Panel, select Customizing and Properties.

Select Yes, Select Submit

3. Navigate back to the My Courses module

Notice that the Unavailable link is removed!

c. Hiding Courses

Select the Manage My Courses Module Settings icon as shown below:

Uncheck the boxes by the course you want to hide, and select Submit


Notice how the first couple courses have been successfully hidden





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