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How do I use Scholar in my course?

Blackboard Scholar is built right into the Blackboard Learning System, for easy integration of relevant, reliable resources and dynamic streams from Scholar, directly into the course.

There are two ways Blackboard instructors can integrate Scholar resources directly into the course environment:

Scholar Course Tool - You can display customized Scholar resource collections as a new course tool. You can allow students to contribute to a course collection or set up custom streams to pull anything tagged with search parameters of your choice. (e.g. the most recent bookmarks tagged with DNA and discipline tagged with Nursing saved by instructors). Students in the course can access the Scholar Course Welcome Page by clicking the Scholar course tool and begin using the resources in their studies right away.

Course Documents Type - You can embed one of your Scholar Bookmarks or Saved Searches directly in the course as a new type of Course Documents.

Once the instructor has registered your course with Scholar, you can access Scholar resources that your instructor has chosen directly within your course. And now students can contribute to course collections as well! When you find appropriate resources, you can tag them for the course and dynamically add them to the course collection!


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