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Student: Submit a SafeAssignment

Follow these steps to submit to a SafeAssignment:

  1. From a content area within a course, select the SafeAssignment and click View/Complete.
  2. The Upload SafeAssignment page will appear.
  3. Complete the page using the table below as a guide and click Submit.

PLEASE NOTE If the paper you are submitting has images in it, the images must not exceed 2MB or the submission may fail.

Upload Safe Assignment Fields

The Add SafeAssignment page includes the following fields.

Field Description
Name Displays the tile of the SafeAssignment.
Instructions Displays the instructions for the SafeAssignment.
Comments Enter any comments for the Instructor in this field.
File to Attach Click Browse to locate a file to upload as a SafeAssignment.
Global Reference Database
You have the option to volunteer your paper to the Global Database that will allow other papers from other institutions to  be checked against yours to protect the originality of your work across institutions.


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