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Blackboard use for Spring 2016

Get Started Using Blackboard Learn in Three Easy Steps

Various methods are available to the users to get familiar with the new Blackboard Learn system, they are:

Face to Face:

Please request a session by sending your request to

  Instructional videos

Watch and learn by viewing short videos (most less than 5 minutes) available through Blackboard's Video Training Library

  24 x 7 Online Training Courses:

A series of seven courses introduces users to the skills necessary to design and teach online using Blackboard


Visit the Documentation page to access the various manuals that are available to users.

  Customized session

Schedule an individualized session by sending a request to


Logging into Blackboard Learn 9.1
Questions and online course support

Blackboard can be accessed through LSSU's portal at: Select Blackboard Learn link from the LSSU Web Services channel.

Blackboard Learn can also be directly accessed at: https:

Prior to using Blackboard Learn, please check to see if you have the recommended Browser and Java installed on your computer.

Some tools in Blackboard would not work unless you have the recommended Java and Browser versions on your machine.

1. Supported Browsers

2. Clearing Cache

2. Java Recommendations

3. Enable JavaScript

4. Enable Cookies

5. Enable Pop-up windows

Troubleshooting Assignments, Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journal, Wikis and Tests



Frequently Asked Questions

The Helpdesk provides Tier 1 support:

  • Help login into Blackboard.
  • Help with the various Blackboard computer recommendations such as browser checks, clearing cache, correct java, enable javascript, enable cookies/pop-up windows

--- Stop by the Helpdesk at room 105 in the Administration building, or send an email to:, or call 906.635.6677
The Helpdesk is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

Tier II support:

  • Blackboard content assistance

-- Contact Sara Devaprasad (906.635.6231), or

--- Wimba 24/7 Technical Support:
phone: 1. 866.350.4978  email:

Wimba support portal

SafeAssign™ Troubleshooting and RSS Feed

If the SafeAssign™ service experiences any interruptions or delays, Blackboard will usually post updates at this website. You can also use the link to subscribe to the SafeAssign RSS feed.


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