Current Student Organizations

Remember, it only takes FIVE students to start an organization!

Starting a student organization is a great way to get involved on campus!  The best part – it only take 5 students to start a student organization!  Can’t find 5 interested students right away?  No worries – contact the Campus Life Office () in 125 Cisler Center so we can assist you.  Once you’re ready – fill out the form below to register!

The Big Seven (Student Assembly Leadership)

The Student Assembly, also called the Big 7, is the hub of student involvement at LSSU. Through student paid fees, the Student Assembly is able to enhance your LSSU experience through events, conferences, trips, and more.

  • University Activities Board (UAB)
    • University Activities Board strives to provide activities and entertainment appealing to a wide variety of student interests by acknowledging the unique diversity of the student culture at Lake Superior State University. We seek to encourage student involvement in campus events and to promote University activities and programming.University Activities Board is charged with the task of providing programming for all Lake Superior State University students. We host traditional celebrations such as Laker Week, and Winter Carnival, in addition to many other events throughout the year. Typical events include musicians, comedians, hypnotist, movie nights, bowling nights, races, Jitters and more.Do you have ideas for events & activities? Let us know! Are you interested in being a part of our board then come find out what we’re all about!  Are you interested in being a part of our board then come find out what we’re all about!
      • Advisor – Sharmay Wood ( and Carol Schmitigal (
  • Compass Student Newspaper
    • Lake Superior State University’s student-run newspaper, bringing you the latest on-campus activities, community events, and issues that affect the day-to-day life of LSSU students.
      • Advisor – Joe Stusynski (
  • Inter-Greek Council
    • Inter-Greek Council shall develop and maintain fraternity and sorority life and Inter-Greek relations at a high level of accomplishment.
      • Advisor – Derric Knight (
  • Judiciary Board
    • The Judiciary Board mediates, adjudicates, and rules on Student Assembly and constitutional issues. The Judiciary Board consists of Justices chosen from the students of LSSU and represents the highest level of judicial review within the LSSU Student Assembly.
      • Advisor – Derric Knight (
  • Laker Radio 46
    • The 46th Parallel is operated by students for students. Bringing creativity and a medium for students to express their interests and knowledge via internet radio.  The 46th Parallel is located in the lower level of the Cisler Student Center (Rm 105). The studio consists of management offices, a recording booth.The 46th Parallel is an internet-based station, allowing students to broadcast shows and music worldwide.The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round. The 46th Parallel runs automatically whenever there is no live show in the studio; this usually occurs at night and over breaks.
      • Advisor – Derric Knight (
  • President’s Council
    • The Presidents’ Council is the forum for the student leaders of all co-curricular, academic/professional, service, and faith-based student organizations at LSSU to improve communication and better serve student needs. The Presidents’ Council is responsible for the registration of all student organizations, in conjunction with the Campus Life Office. Presidents’ Council also facilitates the funding requests of all student organizations.
      • Advisor – Sharmay Wood ( and Kalia Lippencott (
  • Student Government
    • The Lake Superior State University Student Government is the unified voice of the Student Assembly.  Through dedicated leadership and teamwork, we strive to serve the students in a professional manner for the betterment of the University.
      • Advisor – Sharmay Wood (

Academic Organizations

There is a broad range of organizations for LSSU students who want to begin building their academic involvements outside of the classroom. Academic organizations are a great way to get hands-on training outside of the classroom through special projects and conferences. There are various clubs to choose from throughout the academic departments.

  • Accounting Club
    • To assist students with career development, networking, certification preparation, career resumes as well as to create accounting awareness. Also to create an accounting conference for local area CPA to receive their yearly continuing education.
      • Advisor – Mindy McCready ()
      • Meetings – Wednesday at 8 pm – LaJoie Board Room (Considine)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    • Familiarize students with relevant standards and research resources. Promote teamwork across many engineering disciplines. Encourage creative imaginary ways of design and problem-solving. Represent Lake Superior State University and the education that we have received.
      • Advisor – Masoud Zarepoor ()
      • Meetings – Tuesday at 4:30 pm – CAS 310
  • Cannabis Studies Club
    • This organization focuses on cannabis, cannabis studies and educating others about cannabis.
      • Advisor – Benjamin Southwell ()
      • Meetings – Tuesday @ 8 pm – MacArthur Room, Cisler Center
  • Chemistry Club
    • The chemistry club gives those interested in chemistry and the environmental sciences the chance to meet each other to plan activities related to our field and promote professional development.
      • Advisor – Steve Johnson ()
      • Meetings –
  • English Club
    • The English Club is for students of any major who are interested in literature and/or creative writing. The club critiques members’ creative work, plays games, organizes writing or reading centered events for members to attend, and has a lot of fun!
      • Advisor – Mary McMyne ()
      • Meetings –
  • First Responders Association
    • First Responders Association is an organization for any Criminal Justice, Fire Science, or Paramedic major who would like to make professional connections in their field and learn more about Emergency Services in general. This organization provided for community outreach and service, as well as, internal services such as study groups and other learning opportunities.
      • Advisor – Herb Henderson ()
      • Meetings –
  • Geology Club of LSSU
    • This group is for geology majors and minors, or anyone who is interested in geology. The purpose of the club is to promote geology in a social setting. Although classified as an academic club the club does many recreational activities including caving, hiking, and camping.
      • Advisor – Paul Kelso ()
      • Meetings – Thursday at 5 pm – Crawford Hall 336
  • Institute for Electrical Electronic Engineers
    • IEEE works with engineering students and the professional engineering world to build relationships and create fun and exciting projects. We are focused on Computer and Electrical Engineering projects but welcome students of all majors to learn about technology.
      • Advisor – Andrew Jones ()
      • Meetings – Wednesday at 4 pm – IEEE Office (CAS)
  • Investment Club
    • Students involved in this organization learn about the field of investment through securities analysis and portfolio management.
      • Advisor – Gerald Root ()
      • Meetings – Monday at 5:15 pm – LaJoie Board Room (Considine)
  • Lake State Student Nurses Association
    • A professional nurses organization that works to promote the image of nursing through community activities such as blood drives, relay for life and volunteerism. They also participate in fun activities such as an annual Christmas party and state conventions.  Our mission statement is “To support and advocate for the further growth and development of Lake State Student Nurses, preparing students to become responsible, accountable, and professional future nurse leaders; as well as to strive to improve the community as a whole through active involvement.”
      • Advisor – Cynthia Butcher ()
      • Meetings – Wednesday at 5 pm – Crawford Hall
  • Marketing Club
    • The Lake Superior State University Marketing club’s mission is to provide opportunities for student growth in the marketing field. We are open to anyone with a love for marketing and a positive attitude.
      • Valerie Philips ()
      • Meetings –
  • Psychology Club
    • Psychology Club provides an opportunity for undergraduates interested in psychology to go beyond the classroom and experience psychology in the community. Our purpose is to supply information, support, opportunities and resources to our members that will enhance their academic career. We help members prepare for graduate school admission or the workforce in a variety of ways. We work to provide opportunities in volunteer work, research with faculty, informational meetings and discussions and social events. Through these, we strive to introduce our members and interested persons to the broad variety of disciplines in psychology as a science.
      • Advisor – Kristina Olson-Pupek ()
      • Meetings – Thursday at 6 pm – Alumni Room (Cisler)
  • Society for Conservation Biology
  • Society for Human Resource Management (APEX)
    • APEX (Advancing Professional Expertise) is a small but might group of business students seeking to gain a better understanding of all things Human Resources. We provide our students with networking opportunities, fundraising events, and services to help them prepare for HR certification exams.  We work closely with the Northern Michigan Society for Human Resources Management (NM SHRM) out of Petoskey, Michigan. This great partnership allows our students to attend practical seminars on HR issues and network with HR Business Professionals from around the area.
      • Advisor – Jody Rebek ()
      • Meetings – Tuesday at 12 pm – Considine
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
    • The SAE Collegiate Design Chapter at LSSU builds, maintains, and races karts built for the SAE Baja series. Baja SAE® consists of competitions that simulate real-world engineering design projects and their related challenges. Engineering students are tasked to design and build an off-road vehicle that will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain.
      • Advisor – Zakaria Mahmud ()
      • Meetings – Thursday at 8 pm – CAS 119
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
    • We are a group of supporting women engineers of any field. Not only do we support women in engineering but in any technical field at all where women are less common. Both men and women are welcome to join.
      • Advisor – Robert Hildebrand ()
      • Meetings – Thursday at 5 pm – CAS 119

Arts Organizations

LSSU has a variety of performing arts opportunities outside the classroom. From yearly recitals to playing for the home team, you have opportunities to showcase your talent!

  • Lake Superior State University Ballroom Dance Club
    • The LSSU Ballroom Dance Club is a place where students can come and learn the ins and outs of ballroom dance. From Foxtrot to Tango, students will be able to learn and preform many types of dances in a friendly, fun environment!
      • Advisor – Joseph Sbar ()
      • Meetings – Wednesday at 7 pm – Norris 208
    • LSSU Pep Band
      • The Lake Superior State University Pep Band is dedicated to providing school spirit at Laker hockey games through music. The Pep Band provides members with an opportunity to build connections with others, increase and improve their musicality, relieve stress and have fun, and create everlasting memories. The LSSU Pep Band welcomes all students who play a musical instrument, or are willing to try!
        • Advisor – William Scott Lumley ()
        • Meetings – Tuesday at 9 pm – Arts Center 215
      • Theater Club

Faith Based Organizations

  • Religion can be an important part of a student’s life. While you are at LSSU, take the time to see what our religious organizations have to offer, these organizations might be what you are looking for in your time away from home.
    • Catholic Newman Center
      • Catholic Campus ministry is available at LSSU. The Catholic Newman Center is devoted to the spiritual, social and educational growth of the students at Lake Superior State University. Our commitment is to uphold the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, encourage others to deepen their own personal spirituality, and to participate in outreach in the form of community service and continual campus outreach.
        • Advisor – Jason Swedene ()
        • Meetings – Sunday at 5:15 pm – The Newman Center
    • Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (Chi Alpha)
      • We are a Spirit-empowered, diverse community of believers on university campuses, declaring in word and lifestyle our faith in Jesus Christ, equipped to fulfill our purpose in God’s global plan.
        • Advisor – David Leach ()
        • Meetings –Wednesday at 7 pm – Crow’s Nest
    • His House Christian Fellowship (His House)
      • This group is a Christian ministry for the campus community. We are a body of believers that work together to minister to students and to help those who want to serve and minister to others. His House exists to help lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Encourage students to step up as leaders in the ministry and in their personal lives. Also to help students make their faith real and relevant.
        • Advisor – Ryan Stephens ()
        • Meetings – Thursday at 8 pm – Crow’s Nest

Greek Life

Greek Life provides a welcoming social structure for many students at LSSU. Recruitment includes a series of events and opportunities (in September and January) through rush for new students to learn more about the specific fraternities and sororities on campus. The Greek Life community offers a variety of choices for a diversity of membership interests and philanthropies.

  • Fraternities
    • Beta Nu Xi
      • The mission of Beta Nu Xi is to create a bonding brotherhood through body and mind, by using education, group activities, and community service to bring individuals closer together and improve our community and ourselves. It is our responsibility to withhold the greatest respect, honor, and dignity to become the best fraternity on campus. We live to uphold our three pillars of belief that are brotherhood, tradition, and pride. In becoming brothers, we accept that we are becoming a part of something greater than ourselves; we will know that we are a representation of Beta Nu Xi, and will demonstrate the utmost respect for the fraternity.
        • Advisor – Steve Johnson (
    • Tau Kappa Epsilon
      • Founded on January 10th, 1899 on the principles of Love, Charity, and Esteem, Tau Kappa Epsilon has become on of the largest social fraternities in the world. We strive to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development throughout their lifetime and work together as a brotherhood to reach these goals. With 252 active chapters and close to 272,000 members; including but not limited to Ronald Reagan, Aaron Rodgers, Terry Bradshaw, Roy Jones Jr., Willie Nelson, and Elvis Presley; it’s hard not to come across a Teke throughout your life.TKE was chartered at Lake Superior State University on March 14th, 1987 as the Rho Theta Chapter. We have seen many fraternities come and go, however, TKE has remained throughout many tough times! About to go on our 30th year at LSSU, we are as excited as ever to make each other, the best we can be. If you’re interested in learning more about TKE, message one of our contacts and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.
        • Advisor – David Leach (
  • Sororities
    • Alpha Kappa Chi
      • A local sorority founded in 1978. Since 1978, over 300 sisters have been initiated. Their philanthropies include the Diane Peppler Resource Center, Cystic Fibrosis, Epilepsy, and Diabetes. The sisters are known for their yearly teeter totter thon.
        • Advisor – Gerald Root (
    • Alpha Theta Omega
      • A local sorority founded in 1997. The sisters of Alpha Theta Omega are dedicated to improving the local community and their sisterhood. The sisters are known also for their involvement locally and nationally with Breast Cancer Awareness.
        • Advisor – Barbra Marsh (
    • Rho Chi Omega
      • The newest sorority on campus, the chapter was recognized by the Inter-Greek Council in the spring of 2009. The sisters of Rho Chi Omega are dedicated to personal integrity, academic success, community service, and leadership development.
        • Advisor – Marc Boucher (
    • Sigma Lambda Sigma
      • A local sorority founded in 1994 with an emphasis on service. The sisterhood stands for service, leadership, and sisterhood. The sisters are known in the community for their yearly box sit outside of Walmart!
        • Advisor – Melissa Shaffer-O’Connell (

Honors and Professional Organizations

  • The Honors and Professional organizations at LSSU provide you with that extra edge to make the most out of your academic experience. Through these organizations, you can fine-tune your leadership traits, prepare for standardized testing and everything else you need to reach your career goals.
    • Business Professionals of America (Bay de Noc)
      • An LSSU-Bay College regional organization for students for professional development (workshops, skills competitions, networking), enhancing skills sets (building resumes, teamwork), and volunteering opportunities.
        • Advisor – Heidi Berg (
    • Pre-Professional Society
      • For pre-health majors who are interested in networking with other students and professionals. We focus on: MCAT/DAT/PCAT/OAT/GRE Test Prep and Tips, Job Shadowing Opportunities, Professional School Visits, Volunteer Opportunities, Application Seminars, Guest Speakers, Fund Raising, …& Everything Else You Need To Reach Your Career Goals
        • Advisor – Britton Ranson-Olson ()
        • Meetings – Monday at 5 pm – Crawford Hall 304
    • Honors Student Organization
      • The Honors Student Organization seeks to create a community of scholars characterized by strong student and faculty interaction, creativity, and enhanced learning opportunities. It also offers opportunities for the personal advancement of students through social activities and service activities. This community fosters an approach to education that incorporates the qualities of self-directed learning, a positive response to demanding work, and an appreciation of knowledge for its own sake.
        • Advisor – Jason Swedene ()
        • Meetings –
    • Psi Chi
      • Academic honor club for those majoring in psychology.
        • Advisor – Kristina Olson-Pupek ()
        • Meetings – Monday at 5 pm – Alumni Room (Cisler)

Political Organizations

  • Political Science Club
  • Protect Life at LSSU
    • Protect Life is the pro-life organization on campus. We strive to support the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. We spend time in the community raising awareness about the tragedies of abortion, as well as participate in donation efforts to support pregnant mothers.
      • Advisor – Jason Swedene ()
      • Meetings – Wednesday at 8 pm – Huron Room (Cisler)

Special Interest Organizations

Remember, it only takes 5 students to start a new club. As you can see from the special interest organizations, any ideas you have for a club see where it takes you. At LSSU, we want to have a club to meet everyone’s tastes.

  • 4H Collegiate Club
    • Help local 4H programs.  Continue to build citizenship, leadership and life skills among the club members and youth.
      Get involved in the community!

      • Advisor – Sharmay Wood ()
      • Meetings – TBA
  • ACS On-Campus
    • ACS On-Campus gives students the opportunity to bring the fight against cancer to the campus while receiving support and guidance from a local Society office. The chapter here at LSSU is the organization that is responsible for planning and holding the annual Relay for Life event in the spring on campus in the SAC.
      • Advisor – Lori Oliver ()
      • Meetings – Monday at 6 pm – Michigan Room (Cisler)
  • Black Student Union
    • The BSU was created to establish a black community where one was lacking. Our main goal is not only to provide a community and place of security for black students on campus but to also fund-raise in order to gift a scholarship to a student in the area who plans on furthering their education but may think they don’t have the money to do so. We will be supporting each other in our journeys in becoming black professionals and want to encourage others to start their journey while embracing our culture.
      • Advisor – Kalia Lippencott ()
      • Meetings – Tuesday at 8:30 pm – Michigan Room (Cisler)
  • Gaming Club
    • This group gets together to enjoy console games, PC games, card games, and tabletop role-playing games and share their experience with each other.
      • Advisor – Robert Kipka (
  • Magic Club
  • Pokemon Club
    • To be a gathering place for people that have an interest in Pokemon as well as a place where people can learn about Pokemon.
      • Advisor – Chad Barbour ()
  • Student Educators Against Sexual Assault
    • We provide education about sexual assault and domestic violence. We put out information on the resources students have available as well as provide and open platform.
      • Advisor – Melissa Shaffer-O’Connell ()
      • Meetings – Monday at 8 pm
  • Team Seamore

University Recreation and Outdoor Organizations

LSSU University Recreation promotes student success and is dedicated to serving LSSU and surrounding communities by encouraging healthy lifestyles through fun, purposeful and quality programs, student development, and leadership opportunities. Through University Recreation you can have fun in the outdoors, get together at your leisure, stay fit through Intramural activities or keep your competitive edge through Club Sports. University Recreation offers a variety of activities to fit your busy schedule.

  • University Recreation
    • Club Softball
      • A competitive women’s fastpitch softball team that competes in the National Club Softball Association and is a member of the Great Lakes Conference East Division.
    • Ice Skating Club
      • Advisor – Marc Boucher ()
      • Meetings – Monday from 8 pm-10 pm and Friday from 10 am-11 am – Norris Center
    • Kinder of the Blades (KTB)
      • Advisor – Cynthia Butcher ()
      • Meetings – Wednesday at 6:30 pm – Norris Center
    • LSSU Bass Team
    • Women’s Soccer
  • Outdoor
    • Ducks Unlimited
      • Students involved in this organization are dedicated to wetland conservation. Our club concentrates on wetland preservation on a local and national level. We also preserve and learn more about waterfowl.
        • Advisor – Jason Garvon (
    • Fly Fishing Club
      • The LSSU Fly Fishing Club Gives student, faculty, and members of the community a place to start or learn about the sport of fly fishing. Also to provide experienced anglers an opportunity to share and spread information with other anglers. Fly fishing provides a basis of information on the subject of fisheries conservation, stream restoration and managing fisheries.
        • Advisor – Gregory Zimmerman ()
        • Meetings – Wednesday at 8:30 pm – Crawford 205
    • Recreation Club

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Don’t forget to check out the Student Engagement Center (SEC) – Your Involvement Headquarters!

Room 100 in the Walker Cisler University Center!

The Student Engagement Center (SOC) is the headquarters for student involvement at LSSU.  Mailboxes are provided to all registered student organizations and this is a great space to get together with your organization!  Stop by to see what all is available!

SEC Hours of Operation

Sunday – 3 pm to 10 pm
Monday to Thursday – 10 am to 10 pm
Friday – 10 am to 3 pm
Saturday – 11 am to 3 pm

Caitlyn is in her third year majoring in Elementary Education with a Language Arts minor. She has worked various jobs on campus and been involved a great deal. This is Caitlyn’s second year as the Street Team manager for Activities Board where she plans all the major contracted events for Activities Board. Caitlyn’s favorite part about being involved is ”that it has allowed me to meet some awesome new people and plan some great events with Activities Board (with the help of my team) for Laker Week.“

Caitlyn Schmitigal

Zack chose and fell in love with LSSU because of the small campus and class sizes. This small campus helped Zack to get involved in a number of activities, including Activities Board and the Student Athletic Training Association that gives him experience within his desired field. Zack’s favorite experience at LSSU has been ”working for Campus Life over the summer and getting to help plan Laker Week by seeing what goes on behind the scenes.“

Zack Harvey

Carly is in her third year, majoring in Homeland Security and Law Enforcement. Besides working for Campus Life, Public Safety and the Learning Center, she is also the Director of Activities Board. Carly’s favorite thing about being at LSSU is that ”because of it’s small size, it is super easy to get involved and make a difference. Activities Board is really a positive influence and has allowed me to make a difference at LSSU.“

Carly Sass