Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETAL)


At the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning, faculty have many resources available to them to assist with academic advising.

Advising Forms and Documents

Anchor Access provides many tools for advisors in the Advising Toolkit link under the Faculty Tab.

In July 2017, a group of faculty and staff attended the NACADA Summer Institute on Advising.  The group spent five days developing an academic advising model.  The following forms and documents are offered as resources for faculty advisors.

Advising Syllabus  – This syllabus is a draft product from the work done at the Summer Institute.

Some Books and Journals Available at the CETAL

  • Advising Journal – NACADA
  • Academic Advising, a comprehensive guidebook, by Gordon and Associates
  • Advising and Learning: Academic Advising from the Perspective of Small College and Universities, by Hemwall
  • Advisor Training: Exemplary Practices in the Development of Advisor Skills – NACADA
  • Advising Transfer Students – NACADA
  • Comprehensive Advisor Training and Development: Practices that Deliver, by Voller
  • Designing an Effective Advisor Training Program – NACADA
  • The New Advisor Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Advising Through the First Year and Beyond – NACADA
  • The Handbook of Career Advising, by Hughey and associates
  • Scholarly Inquiry in Academic Advising – NACADA
  • The Appreciative Advising Revolution (2 copies available) by Bloom, Hutson, & YeHe
  • The Appreciative Advising Revolution Workbook by Bloom, Hutson, and YeHe

Related Sites

  • NACADA – promotes and supports quality academic advising in institutions of higher education to enhance the educational development of students
  • MIACADA – Michigan Academic Advising Association


In 2013, as part of a Title III proposal, the LSSU Faculty Center for Teaching was established with the goal of providing resources for faculty to improve teaching. In 2018, the FCT evolved into our current Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETAL).