Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETAL) Workgroup

The CETAL Workgroup is comprised of faculty members from multiple disciplines on campus. This workgroup reviews and approves applications for FIT grants twice every academic year. The workgroup also meets monthly to discuss, promote and implement ideas to promote best-teaching practices and a richer learning environment for students on campus.

CETAL Co-Coordinator:  Cathy Chaput, Education (). Phone: 635-2028

CETAL Co-Coordinator:  Joe Susi, Exercise Science (). Phone: 635-2161

CETAL Administrative Support Coordinatorposition currently open. Phone: 635-2818

  • Julie Barbour, English faculty
  • Marc Boucher, Library Director
  • Gail Essmaker, Instructional Designer
  • Herb Henderson, Criminal Justice faculty
  • Stephen Kolomyjec, Biology faculty
  • Barb Light, Education faculty
  • Joe Moening, Engineering/Technology faculty
  • Grace Ngunkeng, Math/Computer Science faculty
  • Kristina Olson-Pupek, Psychology faculty
  • Sarah Ouimette, Exercise Science faculty
  • Mary Reynolds-Keegan, Nursing faculty