Recycled Art Show Rules

Artwork can be any size and must be transported to the recycle center by the artists who can take it apart after the Art Show to recycle it unless you want to keep your amazing artwork!
Points:  25 points for creating a recycled art piece that follows the rules below and an additional 25 points for coming to the show


  • Artwork must be made only of items from the “Items We Accept” list*
  • Items may not be painted
  • Metal caps and lids can be recycled if they are held together with a string, twine, line, etc.  If using metal caps/lids, be prepared to string them together for recycling.

* Be creative in how the parts of the artwork are held together so no adhesives (tape or glue) are used that would remain stuck to the materials.

Bring Your Artwork to the Recycled Art Show:

  • Saturday, April 20, 2019
  • 10:00 AM

Northern Transitions Recycle Center
1423 W Easterday Ave.
Sault Ste Marie, MI


  • GLASS BOTTLES & JARS – all colors
  • ALUMINUM & STEEL – cans, aerosol cans, aluminum foil, scrap metal
  • PLASTIC BOTTLES # 1 & # 2 – (all colors ) rinse and clean bottles and throw away caps.
  • PLASTICS # 3-7 – BOTTLES /CONTAINERS ONLY – accepted as market conditions permit.
  • CORRUGATED CARDBOARD – (cardboard with wavy layers between flat layers) Cut and flatten all cardboard boxes. Pizza boxes must be clean. Remove all packaging materials from boxes (No Styrofoam).
  • BOX BOARD – cereal boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes (can include the plastic), etc.
  • PAPER – office, household, carbonless, envelopes (can include plastic “windows”), etc. (please keep shredded paper in bags).
  • NEWSPAPERS and GLOSSY MAGAZINES – newspaper, magazines including gloss and semigloss advertising inserts and phone books.

All items must be clean!

Please rinse and clean bottles, jars, cans & aluminum foil products.

Please break down all corrugated cardboard boxes.