Affiliate Faculty Policy

This policy recognizes contributions that LSSU faculty employed in academic units outside of CFRE may make towards CFRE’s research, education, and community engagement mission.
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Affiliate Faculty will:

  • Have access to CFRE facilities and resources (e.g. analytical and microscopy facilities, mesocosm room, vehicles, boats), following CFRE’s equipment and facility use policy.
    • Contract and grant-funded activities will be given priority, generally on a first-scheduled, first-used basis
    • Access to facilities and resources is extended to undergraduate students engaged in senior thesis research that are mentored by the Affiliate Faculty member
  • Have user fees charges at discounted, in-house rates for vehicles, boats, analytical lab fees, etc.
  • Have access to workspace, telephone, administrative support, and a copier/printer at CFRE, pending availability
  • Be eligible for competitive, internal funds (e.g. CFRE travel funds, in-kind grants, publication fees)
  • Have access to benefits associated with CFRE’s university partner status in the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR)

Left, Zach Johnson is seen with the new AQ300 lab analysis machine. Right, Jesse Wesolek is seen at the computer analyzing data

Student employee, Dan, and research technician Zach are directing the boat during a frogbit survey

image of ciglr logo


Affiliate Faculty will:

  • Submit draft publications, presentations, and grant proposals related to CFRE’s mission (i.e. focus on freshwater research, education, or community engagement) to the CFRE Leadership Team for review prior to submission to ensure alignment with CFRE’s strategic plan
  • Have contracts and grants relevant to CFRE’s strategic plan administered through CFRE and request a FOAPAL tied to CFRE
  • Acknowledge CFRE affiliation/support in publications and presentations. Peer reviewed publications will include:
    • The author’s school affiliation (e.g. Associate Professor, School of Engineering and Technology) and CFRE affiliation (Affiliate Faculty, Center for Freshwater Research and Education)
    • The following statement in the acknowledgements section: “This publication is a contribution of Lake Superior State University’s Center for Freshwater Research and Education”
  • Contribute to assessment of CFRE-related activities (e.g. track publicity, partnership activities, student successes) and report activities to the Director, as required by CFRE policy
  • Participate in at least one, but preferably more than one, of the following activities annually
    • Mentoring LSSU undergraduate students conducting community engagement, education, or research activites related to CFRE’s strategic plan
    • Giving a seminar at CFRE, open to the public, or LSSU’s faculty, staff, and students
    • Teaching or co-teaching summer courses hosted at CFRE
    • Leading or co-leading workshops open to the public or LSSU’s faculty, staff, and students
    • Participating in CFRE advisory committees
    • Acquiring contracts or grants that are administered through CFRE

Cover of the CFRE strategic plan

Front right is Ashley Moerke taking a selfie on the water with three students from the Great Lakes Coastal Wetland crew. Front left is her dog Coco.

Jake Larsen '18 earned Best Student Poster at the 2018 meeting of the Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society


Affiliate Faculty status is a non-salaried appointment available to Lake Superior State University (LSSU) faculty and does not provide eligibility for promotion or tenure, sabbatical leave, LSSU Faculty Senate, or department/school/center/institute/college governance.

Individuals earning salary from contracts or grants administered through CFRE are expected to comply with policies of LSSU’s Office of Sponsored Programs.


Individuals are encouraged to discuss their interest in obtaining Affiliate Faculty status with one or more members of the CFRE Leadership Team. The CFRE Leadership Team nominates individuals at any time to be considered for Affiliate Faculty status.

Nominated individuals must submit:

  • An up-to-date CV
  • Letter of interest describing why the candidate desires Affiliate Faculty status and how they plan to contribute to advancing CFRE’s strategic plan.

The CFRE Leadership Team will review the candidate’s application materials and all members are required to vote to approve or deny Affiliate Faculty status. The Director’s vote will serve as the tie-breaking vote if a majority is not achieved.

Once granted, Affiliate Faculty status will remain active for two years (24 months); individuals may be reappointed after the initial appointment is complete. Individuals interested in renewing their Affiliate Faculty status will submit an updated CV and a list of activities demonstrating their involvement with CFRE during the previous two years. The CFRE Leadership Team will review these materials and vote following the process described above. The Director may terminate an individual’s Affiliate Faculty status at any time for behavior inconsistent with CFRE’s expectations and values. Individuals wishing to terminate their Affiliate Faculty status are expected to provide a written request to the director.

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