Guidelines for Application

  1. Have your faculty mentor approve your project description.
  2. Complete the Online Application (you must login with your email account credentials)
    1. Application section describing your project. A timeline should include specific details. You should be careful about using technical jargon as the review committee is made up of a broad audience. Your project description should speak to the goals/rationale of your project, as well as the methodology. Citations should be included, where appropriate.
    2. Budget section justifying your request for funds (not to be used for wages). Be sure to include how the rest of the budget will be paid if your budget is greater than $500.
  3. Request a letter of support from your faculty project advisor/mentor
  4. If your project involves the use of humans or vertebrate animals, please submit your proposal to the appropriate LSSU committee.
    1. Vertebrates: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
    2. Humans: Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  5. Students may apply for multiple URC grants, but preference will be given to first-time applicants.

Expectations for Successful Award Recipients

  • Upon award notification, recipients are encouraged to write a letter thanking the donor.
  • Funds will be reimbursed only with appropriate receipts or documentation. Students should submit all receipts to their department for reimbursement. For internal transfers, it is recommended that when a student is awarded the money, the amount would be transferred to the department at the time of the award so that they could reimburse the student directly when the purchases are made and the receipts are turned in.
  • A final report is due four semesters after award receipt or before graduation, whichever comes first. Yearly progress reports are also expected.

Some Examples of Previous Successful Applications