Committee Members

The Undergraduate Research Committee (URC) is charged with promoting and recognizing the student research efforts that occur across campus, as well as encouraging new efforts. The URC committee consists of seven faculty, including representatives from the College of Education and the Liberal Arts, the College of Health and Human Behavior, the College of Innovation and Solutions and the College of Science and the Environment.

The URC Members

Dr. Barbara Evans
Professor, Biology
Professor Gerald Root
Asst. Professor, Business
Dr. Russell Searight
Professor, Psychology
Dr. Joseph Susi
Professor, Exercise Science
Dr. Jason Swedene
Professor, Humanities

Questions about Undergraduate Research?

If you have questions about undergraduate research at LSSU, feel free to contact any of the members of the URC.

The Foundation

The funding for the URC student grant fund is made available by donations to the LSSU Foundation Office. If you are interested in making a donation or have questions about donations, please contact Sharon Dorrity, the Director of Constituent Relations.

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