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To study literature is to study culture. At the heart of literary studies at LSSU is the examination and consideration of culture through the lens of written and visual texts. Your study of these texts will allow you to understand how they work as literature and how they connect and interact with their surrounding culture and world.

Courses cover a variety of topics including literatures of the U.S. and England, African American and Native American literatures, comics and graphic novels, technical writing, composition theory, critical theory, and cultural studies.

If you are interested in reading, in writing, in thinking about how our world works, in better understanding how we think and feel as human beings, and in hearing from and learning about diverse perspectives then a degree in literature is for you.


A literature degree provides you with career skills highly prized by employers:

  • Written Communication
  • Global Learning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Research Methods
  • Analysis and Criticism
  • Teamwork and Collaboration

Literature Minor

Degree Requirements

Total Credits Required: 21

Methods, Genre, and Theory (6 credits)

  • ENGL180 Introduction to Literary Studies 3
  • ENGL380 History of Literary Criticism 3

Literature (12 credits)

Choose four courses not required for major with at least one course at the 400 level.  The four courses may come from any category:

American and British Literatures

  • ENGL231 American Literature I 3
  • ENGL232 American Literature II 3
  • ENGL233 English Literature I 3
  • ENGL234 English Literature II 3

Diversity and Culture

  • ENGL235 Survey of Native Literature of North America 3
  • ENGL236 Literature and Culture 3

Textual Criticism

  • ENGL345 Studies in Classis Texts 3
  • ENGL435 Studies in Visual Texts 3

Advanced Studies

  • ENGL440 Advanced Studies in British Literature 3
  • ENGL442 Advanced Studies in American Literature 3

Professional Skills (3 credits – Choose one course not required for major)

  • ENGL221 Introduction to Creative Writing  3
  • ENGL222 English Grammar 3
  • ENGL320 Responding to Writing 3


Dr. Chad Barbour teaches courses in American literature, Native literatures, children’s/YA literature, and comics studies. His research focuses on American studies and comics studies.

Dr. Mary Been teaches courses in American and British literature and technical writing. Her research focuses on ecocriticism, the environment, and sustainability.

“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.”

– Franz Kafka