Volume 5 of Snowdrifts: the speculative fiction edition!


Snowdrifts is an annual publication of Lake Superior State University. It is edited and designed by undergraduate creative writing students. All creative work published is produced by LSSU students through general submission or the annual LSSU short story, poetry, and/or essay contests.

Submissions Guidelines

Guidelines for the 2018 issue of Snowdrifts will be posted by the incoming editors in fall on our website. Submissions must be in one of the following formats:

  • .doc,.docx, or.rtf for written works, or
  • .bmp,.gif,.jpg, or.png for images.

Send your work(s) to . Submit your work(s) as attachment(s) and include your name, the titles of your work(s), and the relevant category in the body of your email.

Written works should also include the work’s genre (i.e., horror, urban fantasy, etc.) and an exact word count. In the interest of impartiality, please do not include any identifying information in your submission itself. If your work is autobiographical, you may include identifying information at your discretion. Work(s) must be previously unpublished. If the work you submit is already online in some format (such as on your personal blog), we request that you take it down upon acceptance. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please inform us if your work is accepted for publication elsewhere.

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What is a Snowdrifts Internship?

Clay Winowiecki, the 2015-2016 editor-in-chief, describes his experience as follows:

“At the beginning of this year I had the opportunity to be apart of an internship that I didn’t know much about. On the day that I arrived for my internship, I found out that I would be Editor-in-Chief. I would soon also find out that the experience I was about to have would end up becoming a great asset to my pursuit in the world of literature. Snowdrifts is an opportunity to let not only the English and Creative Writing majors’ work shine, but the campus as a whole. It’s unique in that it gives everyone on campus a voice and a chance to compete in order to be in a creative journal. This is applicable to add to resumes and give young writers some credentials to work with in order to start their professional careers.

Students are given full control over each aspect of the journal from how the journal is laid out to what pieces of writing that were submitted get to claim their part of the page. This year, the editing staff has gone on to do something new with the journal by giving it a theme: speculative fiction. It focuses on science fiction and fantasy, with elements of horror throughout…. Snowdrifts has been a great asset to my pursuit in literature. I came to this journal as a travel writer, so naturally, speculative fiction isn’t my place of comfort. But with stepping out of your comfort zone, comes the largest growth a writer can have. It allowed me to focus in on my editing skills, help me better understand what makes a story work, and how art can compliment a piece of writing.

Programs like Snowdrifts help give a university its heart. They make it a place that feels progressive and fresh. And they get students creative juices flowing.”