Young Writers’ Month

Each year, Lake Superior State University partners with Bayliss Public Library, a Superior District Library to encourage a month of writing narratives, similar to NaNoWriMo, for young writers. The 2017 writing theme was: who’s your hero?

Image of open mic after the publication party

2017 Young Writers’ Month Publication Party at Bayliss Public Library, a Superior District Library

Students in grades K-6 were encouraged to participate, writing narratives about real-life or fictional heroes. A publication party was held at Bayliss Public Library on Saturday, November 11.  At the publication party, students were encouraged to read their narratives to adults, to one another, and/or to the HOPE therapy dog who attended the event. There was an optional open mic for students to read their stories, as well as cake. At the end of the publication party event, students were encouraged to put their hero narratives on display in the children’s room at Bayliss. The stories were left on display for the rest of November. All stories on display in Bayliss or left with Prof. McMyne at the end of the event were considered for the 2017 LSSU Young Authors anthology.

Young Authors Anthology

We are currently in the process of distributing the anthology to participating students and teachers. If you would like a copy, please contact Prof. Mary McMyne at mmcmyne (at) LSSU (dot) edu.

The young authors whose stories were selected for the 2017 anthology are as follows:

5th – 6th Grade

“Bear Cub” by Tyler Killips, 5th grade, from Soo Township
“Brady the Hero” by Brian Li, 5th grade, from Soo Township
“My Hero” by Grace Dumas, 6th  grade, from Brimley School

3rd – 4th Grade

“Flash Learns a Lesson” by Alex Wiggins, 4th grade, from Lincoln School
“Max Saves May” by Hannah LaPointe, 4th grade, from Lincoln School
“Squirrelio” by Wyatt Peabody, 4th grade, from Lincoln School

K – 2nd Grade

“NICU Nurses” by Karly Grant, 2nd grade, from Moran Township
“Dozer’s Rescue” by Wyatt Huhn, 2nd grade, from Moran Township
”The Flood” by Tessa Fenwick, 2nd grade, from Moran Township

Honorable Mention

The editors would like to extend an honorable mention to the following young authors. Although due to space constraints we could not print their stories, we commend them on their excellent and heroic storytelling:

Mila Croad, for Hero Narrative, Brimley School (6th grade)
Sawyer Keunzer, for Punished, JKL Bahweting School (5th grade)
Danica Bergeron, for The Hero Dr. Jeff, Soo Township School (5th grade)
Aubrey Agar, for Super Cat, Soo Township School (5th grade)
Emily Eberhart, for Wonder Girl, Lincoln School (4th grade)
Lily Gregg, for Super Hero, Soo Township School (3rd grade)
Alice Bennett-McMyne, for Thunderblast, JKL Bahweting School (2nd grade)
Chloe Bigger, for Best Teacher, Moran Township School (2nd grade)
Isaac Peabody, for The Amazing Hokman, Lincoln School (2nd grade)

Young Authors Archive

Download the 2017 Young Writers’ Month Lesson Plan with Recommended Texts

You can read the 2017 young authors’ stories by clicking on the image below.

image of 2017 anthology

You can read the 2016 young authors’ stories in the anthology below! Last year’s theme was mystery writing.

Front cover of 2016 Young Authors Anthology

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