Student Organizations

Below you will find information about the student organizations and professional societies within the School of Engineering & Technology–there are many great ways to get involved!

ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASME logo

A mechanical engineering professional organization that enable collaboration, knowledge sharing and skill development across all engineering disciplines.
We plan industrial/engineering related tours around the Soo and the state, attend a conference each year, compete in the NRC competition, and visit other universities for graduate school.

Meetings are Thursdays at 8 pm in CAS 309B.

President: Jake McCullough
Faculty Advisor: Masoud Zarepoor

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE logo

IEEE is a computer and electrical engineering professional society and service organization. Members do not need to be CE/EE majors.
Members participate in FIRST mentorship, coffee and doughnuts sales, IEEExtreme programming competition, computer programming workshops, and fun projects.
Meetings are Tuesdays at 5 pm in CAS 304.

President: Taylor Croft
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Jones, Ph.D.

SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers

SAE logo

SAE is a premiere membership society dedicated to advancing mobility engineering worldwide. The group modifies the mini-baja and competes in regional events, and attends SAE conferences.

Meetings are Fridays at 5 pm in CAS 123.

President: Brandon Lytle
Faculty Advisor: Zak Mahmud

SWE – Society of Women Engineers

SWE logo

This is a national organization geared to promoting women in the engineering and technology fields, but open to both women and men. We attend the national conference which meets in a different location throughout the U.S. each year, and to the regional conference. SWE likes to have a little fun and sponsors the Mr. Engineer competition, and holds an engineering day for Girl Scouts.

Meetings are Tuesdays at 5 pm in the CAS lobby.

President: Sabrina VanAuker
Advisor:  Robert Hildebrand, Ph.D.

Lambda Epsilon Eta Honor Society

Engineering House

Leaders: Josh Schmidt

Faculty Advisor:

Joseph Moening, Ph.D.

Zakaria Mahmud, Ph.D.