Chemistry Faculty & Staff

Hannah Clause

Assistant Professor


Alexei Iretski


Phone: 906-635-2045

CRW 316

PhD 1984, St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, Russia
BS 1981, St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, Russia

Courses taught: General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry


Steven Johnson

Associate Professor, Dean of College of Science and Environment

Phone: 906-635-6236

CRW 236-B

PhD 2010, Michigan Technological University
BS 2002, Northern Michigan University

Courses taught: General Chemistry, Forensic Science, Biochemistry, Advanced Biochemical and Molecular Techniques


Barbara Keller

Professor Emeritus

PhD 1995, Montana State University
BS 1987, Chemistry, Idaho State University
BS 1977, Medical Technology, Idaho State University

Courses previously taught: Applied chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Instrumental analysis

Jack Miles

Science Laboratory Coordinator

Phone: (906) 635-2098

CRW 358

MS 2020, Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis
BS 2019, Lake Superior State University


R. Adam Mosey

Associate Professor

Phone: 906-635-2284


Ph.D. 2010, Michigan State University
BS 2003, Northern Michigan University

Courses taught: Organic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Cannabis Plant Prep Chemical Analysis,

David Myton

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D 1991, Portland State University
MS 1991, Portland State University
BS 1980, George Fox College

Courses previously taught: Analytical chemistry, general chemistry


Thu Nguyen

Assistant Professor

Phone: 906-635-2165

CRW 318

PhD 2011, Michigan State University
BS 2003, College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University

Courses taught: Organic chemistry, Survey of Organic Chemistry, Applied Organic and Biochemistry, Introduction to Forensic Science, Chemistry Seminar


Benjamin Southwell

Assistant Professor

Phone: 906-635-2076

CRW 314

MS 2013, Central Michigan University
BS 2004, Lake Superior State University

Courses taught: Cannabis Chemistry, Introduction to Forensic Science, Cannabis Plant Prep Chemical Analysis, Cannabis Separations Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Cannabis Seminar

Mark Zierden

Assistant Professor

Phone: 906-635-2148

CRW 313

PhD 2015, Michigan Technological University
BS 2009,University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Courses taught: General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Advanced Biochemical Molecular Techniques, Toxicology, Medicinal Chemistry