College of Science and the Environment Fall 2022 Research Symposium

Friday, December 2, 2022 @ 2 pm

Join us in person or virtually for senior research presentations from students in the areas of biology and chemistry!

Schedule of Presentations

CRW 204 – Fisheries Presentations

2:00Welcome and Presentation of Awards
2:20Brianna AbercrombieEffects of run time, time in captivity, and saline activator on sperm quality in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar

2:40Lucas ChorbaHatchery filtration effectiveness against parasites and other organisms
3:00Simon FreemanDay versus night relations between larval lake whitefish, cisco, and zooplakton in the Upper Great Lakes
3:40Joshua HeistanInfluences of nearby waterbody size on the early spring and summer fish assemblages in two Great Lake tributaries
4:00Madison JordanAn assessment of size structure of rock bass Amblophlites rupestris in Monocle Lake
4:20Kollin KemerlingSeasonal and water temperature effects on Lake Trout consumption of Round Goby in southeastern Lake Michigan
4:40Joseph TollesWinter versus summer prey preferences of piscivorous fish in Michigan bays

CRW 205 – Wildlife and water presentations

2:20Paxton SpencerIntegrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) for land-based shrimp production
2:40Zach BoucherArtificial light sources and their effect on bat feeding behavior
3:00Ashley LolmaughRavens response to wolf calls
3:40Konner RussellMichigan’s winter severity on white-tailed deer’s antler beam diameter
4:00Lucas SantureMoon phase effect on coyote activity
4:20Aiden ManiaciEffectiveness of new sound-blanket animal deterrent system
4:40Veronica LamkinTBA

CRW 302 – Microbes and plants presentations

2:20Jeremy TurnbowThe spread of salmonid diseases through common bait fish
2:40Kristen ChipmanSystematic review of radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyoidism
3:00Elijah SmithForest understory composition at Hunt Creek
3:40Mitch TravisAssessment of necro mass mixtures: the role of litter diversity
4:00Nathan VeresComparing plant community compositions of Michigan conifer swamps

CRW 304 – Environment presentations

2:20Michael HillaryAssessing wetland health using litter decomposition as an indicator of ecosystem function
2:40Carmen KincaidSalt and trace metals analysis of snowmelt in the Ashmun sub watershed
3:00Haleigh SmithSources of Chromium (Cr) and other trace elements in St. Mary’s River near Sault Ste Marie
3:40Joshua WirtMapping the best route for a Mackinaw City crosstown trail
4:00Alex ValleMapping inland lakes for aquatic invasive species